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Paranoid Android 4.6 Beta 5 Playful Pitaya Release is All About the DSB


The crack team at Paranoid Android headquarters is at it again with another release of the popular custom ROM today with version 4.6 Beta 5,code named Playful Pitaya.  This release isn’t so much about brand new features or cool new visual tweaks to the UI as we’ve seen in the past,rather it’s about making a certain subsystem of the phone better than ever.  DSB,or the audio handler part of your phone,is what’s prominently featured in this release,but it’s more of a power user tool than something your every day user might get enjoyment out of.  Audiophiles definitely need apply here because the settings for DSB are performance related,and should help to bring higher quality audio from your phone to your audio mixing unit,whether it be in your home or your car.

Besides fixing some bugs that had been brought up in the DSB subsystem,there’s now a new experimental DSB frequency setting that ramps up the performance of your audio output.  To access this you’ll need to do a bit of old school Linux style terminal commands on your computer with your phone plugged in and set to USB debugging mode.  If you want to give it a shot run the command adb shell su -c ‘settings put system experimental_dsb_frequency 2′ from a folder with the ADB program installed.  The default value is 2 for DSB frequency,anything lower will be slower and it caps out at 20.  No telling what sort of horrors you’ll unleash on your ears if you attempt to go beyond that frequency but the Paranoid Android team is warning against it.  Oh and make sure not to go into negative numbers,you’ll probably suck yourself into an abyss or something.

Outside of that we’re seeing some better flow control for Paranoid Android’s excellent dynamic system bars,making the transistion from color to color better and smoother.  We’re also looking at some theme engine changes and tweaks,as well as some device specific code updates for the OnePlus One.  Head on over to the Paranoid Android Website to download your very own copy of the custom ROM,and as always happy flashing!

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Facebook Is a Bigger Source for Political News Than CNN,Fox



Facebook is the second-biggest source where Americans get their political news,trailing only local TV,according to a Pew Research study.

The report,based on a recent poll of 2,901 people,found 49% of respondents got political news from local TV and 48% from Facebook in a typical week. That compares to 44% for CNN and 39% for Fox News.

Pew cautioned,however,that those percentages were based on the 89% of Americans who have Internet access. If you include unconnected households,then 39% of Americans got political news from Facebook. Pew reports that Facebook is far ahead of YouTube and Twitter as a platform for political news. Just 14% of Internet-equipped respondents said they got such news from YouTube and 9% said they got it from Twitter. Read more…

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Google releases guide to help iPhone users to switch to Android


When Apple announced the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus,the company deemed it necessary to release an official set of instructions that would help Android users migrate over to iOS. Forgetting the fact that this should have happened a while ago,given that Android market share has increased steadily over the years,a lot of news sites thought this was a huge deal and saw it as the fall of Android,as though a guide to migrate Android users would serve as a catalyst for it.

Well,now Google has replied with its own guide,showcasing how iOS users can migrate their data over to an Android phone. Google has put up an entire guide on their own site to show just how easy it is to switch your data over from iOS to Android,though I’m guessing that the guide won’t show up as the death of iOS devices everywhere.

For its guide,Google has targeted four categories to help users transition over to the world of Android;photos and music,contacts,setting up your email and messaging,and finding your favourite apps.

For photos,Google recommends that you download the GooglePlus app to your iPhone and let the app automatically upload all your photos to the cloud. Once this is down,you can then download the app onto your Android phone,though it comes pretty much preinstalled everywhere now,and lo and behold,your photos will be there. A similar method works for music as well. Google suggests that you upload all your music to Google Play Music,which allows users to have as much as 20,000 songs in the cloud,and once you set up your Android phone,it’ll all be there.

Email and messaging is as simple as signing into the Gmail app and having everything sync over within minutes. Google even goes so far as to have a page dedicated to setting up iCloud,Yahoo,Hotmal,Outlook,or any other email service,and even recommends at the end that you don’t forget to turn iMessage off.

Finding your favourite apps is easy;you just go to the Play Store,but contacts is a little harder,though Google does give step-by-step instructions on how to do that,which involves exporting your contacts as a vCard and importing them to Google contacts.

Will this help move iOS users over to Android? Yes. Will it make Apple fall? Probably not,though I doubt that was Google’s intention in the first place.

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Samsung Donate 30,000 Smartphones To Be Used To Help The Fight Against Ebola

AH Samsung Galaxy S5 -10 LOGO

The Ebola virus is quickly becoming an unstoppable issue in the African continent. It seems as quickly as authorities try to fight it the more it is spreading. Countries from around the world are trying to help by sending medical professionals,aid,health kits and basically whatever they can offer that might help. It also seems tech companies are starting to get in on the action. Only last week Mark Zuckerberg,the founder of Facebook donated $25 million to try and help the fight against Ebola. Now today the news coming in is that Samsung are joining the ongoing fight.

The South Korean tech giant has announced a number of ways in which they will help the fight against the spread of the disease. Firstly,Samsung will be providing financial means for the purchasing of hazmat suits in Ghana while also disturbing hand sanitizers in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Samsung also notes they will be setting up an Ebola SMS text service in South Africa. However,the biggest news is that the company will be donating 30,000 smartphones (estimated worth of $1 million) to support the fight against Ebola. The devices will be donated through the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Human Affairs (OCHA) and utilised by the Humanitarian Connectivity Project. In short this is a UN IT project designed to use mobile devices to provide humanitarian support in disaster situations. The devices will be distributed to three of the worst hit African countries,Guinea,Liberia and Sierra Leone and used on the frontline in 60 Ebola medical clinics.

The devices in question are Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo’s and they will come pre-loaded with the UN’s Smart Health Pro app which will help medical staff to treat patients and collect medical data. It is also being reported that the devices will also be used by patients in quarantine so they can contact their families. Lastly,the announcement also notes that once the Ebola virus has been contained and the spread subsides the smartphones will be destroyed to avoid any further spread of contamination. At first it does sound strange for a tech company to help by supplying smartphones although in reality to simply donate money would only be used to purchase goods to fight the spread of the disease. As such it is good to see Samsung taking the initiative and trying to think realistically how they can help to make an impactful difference. Are you pleased to se Samsung joining the fight against Ebola? Would you now like to see more of the big tech companies follow in the same footsteps?

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Google Calendar Got A Material Facelift And It Looks Great


Google and the trend towards Material Design has been big the last couple of days,especially since the latest (and likely last) developer previews of the Android 5.0 Lollipop system were released on Friday morning of last week.  What other apps might have been Material reDesigned?  Remember the Google Calendar app that we saw a little bit of in April of this year,all those months ago?  Well,we have another look at what looks to be the final,release version of the app.  It’s clad in Material Design,and it’s my favorite redesigning yet.  Here’s what it looks like,in a couple different instances.


Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-07-34 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-13-47 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-12-41 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-11-17 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-08-15

The new Material look of the Calendar app is rather (and pardon my rainbow of classes) pretty.  It’s simple,and that’s what Kit Kat,Lollipop,and Material Design are aiming for.  The modes,since they’re drastically different from the previous iterations of the app,are as follows.  There’s the first and ‘default view’ which is called Schedule,which shows you an event-by-event listing,with days and day of the week separating the days,with a little picture separating the months.  That mode is locked in portrait,at least on the phone version of the app.

Next is the Day view,which shows an hour-by-hour visual breakdown with the events and blocks of time you have allotted to them along that axis.  The current day is highlighted in a calm blue,with a current time of day being marked by a blue line crossing the whole list of events (which also exists in the Schedule view).  This mode,too,is locked into portrait mode on the phone.

Then there’s the Week view.  This mode shows the whole week,so it is is pretty much the same as it is in the current version.  It shows the whole week,Sunday to Saturday,with events and time blocks shown across a vertically-scrollable timesheet.  There is sadly no pinch-zoom scaling as in the current version,but it seems a minor removal,really.

Next is the actual interface,as well as the hamburger menu.  The menu is off to the left,as usual,and it shows a key of the colors (the generic ones,not the ones that you might have customized like me) so you can see the colors designated to each of your accounts’ as well as birthdays and holidays (according to the synchronized accounts’ contact information and Google’s location data on you).  The setting let you customize these default colors,as well as the location/region to monitor for holidays (and the option to add religious holidays,which is nice).  And the last thing they include is,if you get an invitation to an event or happening through your Gmail,it syncs to that account’s portion of the calendar.

That brings us to the next big thing that’s coming in the new calendar app:Gmail integration.  Android’s future and success lie in Google’s moves toward integration and interconnection of their various services.  We see how Google Now can currently pull any number of things from your Gmail and display updates regarding it,but now we see Google’s Calendar doing the same,with completely optional Gmail event syncing.  That’s the nice part about these:optionality.

Obviously,your calendar sync when you log in (but you can actually turn that off in the settings menu under ‘accounts’),but you get the choice to sync birthdays,or event from your Gmail inbox,or holidays of any sort.  This is a good sign and a smart move by Google,especially for those that don’t live and breathe Google services.  Choice is important for a lot of people that just use Android as a phone,contact list,messenger,Internet browser,and camera.  Are you looking forward to the  new Material Designed calendar app,having seen the improvements it has in store?  Which feature are you most glad that Google included,or removed?  Let us know down below.

Screenshot_2014-10-20-19-52-41 Screenshot_2014-10-20-19-52-46 Screenshot_2014-10-20-19-52-52 Screenshot_2014-10-20-19-52-58 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-09-30 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-08-40 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-07-41 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-08-30 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-08-50 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-09-20 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-09-14 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-08-02 Screenshot_2014-10-20-23-08-26

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Yahoo Earnings:Time for Plan B?



Now more than two years into Marissa Mayer’s tenure as CEO of Yahoo,the company remains in about the same place as it was before her arrival

Mayer will need to address that stagnancy Tuesday,as Yahoo reports third-quarter earnings. Yahoo is still a giant in the Internet world when it comes to traffic,but its core business —display advertising —is quickly becoming a relic compared to other avenues like online video,native ads and data-driven social advertising.

After Alibaba’s IPO left Yahoo flush with cash,analysts and investors have grown restless hearing promises of change but seeing few results. That is not projected to change with this quarter’s earnings,but Mayer’s performance during Tuesday’s earnings call could prove crucial in convincing critics that she can reposition the company. Read more…

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Rwanda to Screen Visitors From U.S. and Spain for Ebola



While some in the U.S. are debating a flight ban from Ebola-afflicted countries in west Africa,Rwanda has seemingly flipped the script.

The central African country says it will begin screening people for Ebola if they have visited the United States or Spain within 22 days of traveling to Rwanda.

The additional screening measures were put in place on Sunday,which require travelers from the two countries to report their daily medical conditions by phone to government officials,according to the Rwandan embassy’s website:Read more…

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Gmail 5.0 will make the stock Email app obsolete by including Exchange support


Yesterday we reported that the Gmail app in Android 5.0 Lollipop would also be able to handle Outlook and Yahoo accounts natively. We now know that on top of support for those clients,Gmail will also support Exchange mail,removing the need for the AOSP Email app. In fact,when opening the Email application in Lollipop,users will be prompted to use the Gmail app instead.

Its safe to say that the Email app will probably be performing a vanishing act in the near future as Gmail continues to add support for more email services. It will be interesting to see how this change is received by users. Let us know in the comments what you think of Google’s new all-in-one approach to Email.


Source:Android Police

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Singing Nun From ‘The Voice of Italy’Releases ‘Like a Virgin’Cover



Well,this is what we’d call a conflict of interest

Sister Cristina Scuccia,the nun who won Italy’s version of The Voice with a powerful and shocking rendition of Alicia Keys’“No One”back in March,has released her first single:a slowed-down,impressive cover of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.”

Scuccia also debuted a music video Monday,featuring black and white sweeping shots of Venice while her habit billows in the wind. The video does not contain any pointy bras,lions or voguing

The 26-year-old singing nun defended her song choice to Italian newspaper Avvenire,saying,“Reading the text,without being influenced by previous interpretations,you discover that it is a song about the power of love to renew people [and] rescue them from their past.”Read more…

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Google Play Books Gets The Material Design Treatment


Google’s Material Design language has invaded still more of the Android operating system,and it’s not exclusive to Android Lollipop’s developer preview.  This time though,if you have Gingerbread,Android 2.3,or above,you can add the Material reDesigned version of Google’s Play Books.  The MD has come many times today,but each one is special.  Now,let’s take a look at the Play Books update.

First,the thing to notice is the plain blue-on-blue cover and binding,overshadowed by the bookmark hanging out of the top of the book.  The icon is very easy on the eyes,so it looks like this might be a final (or working-final) design.  Basically,this means that the icon fits right in among the other MD’ed apps from Google so far.  Also,if you look at the un-setup Play –My Library widget (with the Material Play Store installed of course) you can see an icon that almost if not identically matches this one.

Now,to the contents,since the app icon is all well and good,but essentially useless from a functional standpoint.  The inside of the app,which we have compared to the pre-Material version below,is laid out rather differently,with some minor aesthetic alterations as well.  The non-Material Designed Play Books is on the right half,and the Material Designed is on the left half

Screenshot_2014-10-20-20-46-24 Screenshot_2014-10-20-20-46-13 Screenshot_2014-10-20-20-46-40 Screenshot_2014-10-20-20-46-57

The non-Material Designed Play Books features the traditional section label icon (a little white book) by the lines that denote a hamburger menu in the top left corner.  The four ‘types’ of books,all,uploads,purchases and samples,are in the arrowed drop-down menu,whereas the Material has a slide-across view of just three (losing the uploads option,likely until you have one that matches that type).

The other major things to note,design- and layout-wise,is the addition of showing only the downloaded titles (and books,obviously),instead of the entire library,with most being inaccessible.  There’s also a slight color change (from a more pastel blue in the previous version) to a solid,simple Material blue in the new version.

If you’ve gotten the update,how do you feel about it?  Is it a big deal,or do you not really read that many books on the go,even in the digital age?  If you haven’t gotten it yet,is it something you’ll actively pursue,or will you just let it happen.  Which Google app needs Material Design’s makeover next?  Let us know down below.

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Google adds USB Security Key support to make their 2-Step Verification more robust


Google’s 2-Step Verification is currently the most secure method of signing into your Google account but today the search giant have one-upped their own robust security system by launching Security Key. Security Key is similar to 2-Step Verification except instead of typing in a unique code,you simply insert the USB Security Key. The USB first verifies that the site you’re on is a legitimate Google site and then prompts you to tap the USB key.

The Security Key and Google Chrome use the Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol so this verification process can easily be implemented into other sites and browsers. While Security Key works with Google Accounts for no extra charge,users will have to purchase a U2F-compatible USB device from the vendor of their choice. Hit the source to learn more about Google’s awesome new security measures.


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Sponsored App Review:eWeather HD 5.4 Update

eWeather 54

Description: We’ve reviewed eWeather HD before,but now the team is back with a new update,version 5.4 to one of the most featured weather apps on Android. This time around,the team have added the ability to take a look at the previous year’s weather compared to current conditions and there are now themes both available to download from the team behind eWeather and from your friends. These new additions join the already impressively long list of features that eWeather has to offer,like the ability to track a 10-day forecast through just one widget,or take a look at a detailed weather map of what’s going to happen near you over the next few days. For weather nuts and those that need to know what the weather’s going to be doing,eWeather HD is one of the best apps out there,so let’s take a closer look at this latest version.

How it Works: Just as before,you’ll need to download eWeather HD from the Play Store. Once you’ve done that,you can go ahead and launch the app. You’ll first be given a look at an analogue clock that also displays the weather hour-by-hour which is a nice use of an analogue clock.

2014-10-20 15.59.06

By swiping left or right you’ll be taken to different views of the app,like 10-day forecast.

2014-10-20 15.59.45

Those that read our original eWeather HD review and use it regularly will be aware of all the features that eWeather HD has to offer,but some of the new ones here are the 365 page which can tell you what the weather was exactly a year ago.

2014-10-20 16.00.02

This has been particularly interesting to me as they say here in the UK that we’ve had one of the warmest Septembers on record,so I went ahead and took a look at September using this graph and it turns out that this year wasn’t all that much warmer than it was last year.

2014-10-20 16.00.29 (1)

One other new feature in the 5.4 update of eWeather is the ability to change the look and feel of the app. You can download or import themes from your phone or choose from a selection from the developer as well.

2014-10-20 16.05.25

Choosing a color or a combination of colors will change how eWeather looks and feels on your smartphone.

2014-10-20 16.05.34

All of the same features that you loved about eWeather HD are still here,like the ability to choose from a wide-range of widget sizes.

2014-10-20 16.01.02

And it’s not just the size of the widgets either,there are an insane amount of different options as to just what you want the widget to display,too.

2014-10-20 16.01.17

Opinion: While eWeather HD continues to get better and better,it’s still something that might be overkill to a lot of people. However,if you’re the type of person that really needs to know what’s going to happen with the weather in the next week to ten days,then eWeather is the app for you. It’s also,so so much more than that,there’s a fully featured weather map system here as well as the new ability to look at weather archives for the last year,which could help you plan ahead weeks or even months into the future using genuine data as a guide. As always,eWeather HD continues to be the best weather app available on Android for those that care about the weather forecast. It’s not overly flashy,but then again it’s not try to be. Other,less featured apps can go after being pretty,eWeather HD is all about offering the most and it wins every single time.


  • Speed (4/5) –It feels as if eWeather has gotten faster to me,but it was never a slow app so there’s little to complain about here.
  • Features (5/5) –With even more added in the new 5.4 update,eWeather couldn’t offer anything more even if it tried. The archive feature is a really nice feature and it’s genuinely helpful,like the rest of the app.
  • Theme (4/5) –With the ability to theme how the app looks,eWeather HD has gotten prettier and it’ll only continue to do so as more and more updates trickle down.
  • Overall (4.5/5) –Certainly an app for the data-lover,eWeather HD continues to offer more features than mostly anything else out there and it now does so with some extra tricks up its sleeves.


  • Still offers consistently more features than other apps like the radar feature,the weather archives,the vast array of widgets,the different forecasts and more.
  • Dew is now listed in the conditions that can help you determine how slippy it is outside in the winter.
  • Weather archive is an excellent new feature and is not only interesting to look back through,but also to help people forward plan using genuine data as a guideline.
  • While eWeather HD has never been about looking the prettiest,the new theme feature goes a long way to making it one of the more appealing apps while also offering more features and ways to forecast the weather than any other weather app I’ve come across.


  • Some older elements of Android are still used here,like the menu system and with Android Lollipop launching soon it will need updating.
  • Those looking for a weather app that’s easier on the eye might not appreciate the extra features,but then eWeather isn’t about good looks.

Conclusion: It’s hard to write just how many features eWeather HD has on offer,but if you just take a look at the Play Store listing you’ll see that it’s huge and if you’re really into your weather,you’re going to love this. For those that genuinely need to know what the weather forecast is for perhaps track conditions or flight conditions,eWeather HD has so many helpful features that there’s nothing out there that competes on this sort of level. Sure,the app is getting a little crowded and while the theme support is nice,it’ll need to be updated when Android Lollipop arrives otherwise it’ll look a little out of place. Still,eWeather HD remains one of the best weather apps around,period.


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Oscar de la Renta Desiged the Iconic Boy Scout Uniform



Fashion icon Oscar de la Renta,who died on Monday at 82,is widely remembered as the man who dressed the world’s most famous elegant women —Oprah Winfrey,Jacqueline Kennedy and George Clooney’s bride Amal Alamuddin to name a few

But the American designer’s work can also be seen on hiking trails and camp sites because De la Renta also created the Boy Scout uniform

Tasked in 1978 with giving the Boy Scouts’uniform its biggest overhaul in nearly 60 years,de la Renta donated his time to redesign the uniform from a military one to its iconic olive-and-tan look still in use today. Read more…

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Modern Horror Villains Crash the Party in Updated ‘Monster Mash’



Frankenstein and Wolfman have nothing on these modern masters of horror.

Horror movie psycho killers like Freddy Krueger and Hannibal Lecter join the party in an updated version of the classic ’60s Halloween hit “Monster Mash.”

Even at a party for ghosts and ghouls,eating people’s faces is just plain rude.

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Stanley Kubrick’s High-Contrast Images of Chicago in 1949



Before he became the ground-breaking film producer,director and screenwriter,Stanley Kubrick (1928-1999) had another talent. He was a journalistic photographer
Kubrick began by working for his school magazine,and,after one of his photographs was accepted by Look magazine,he became a Look apprentice.

Kubrick’s work had a narrative,“story-telling”quality across his photographic essays –like these images at a steel-works.

In 1949,Look magazine published the series “Chicago –City of Extremes”from which these images are taken. With low light and high contrast these images show the people of Chicago at work and play.
In these photographs,the 21-year-old Kubrick documented commuters,steel workers,models,butchers,wrestlers,school children,the disenfranchised and,below,traders. Read more…

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Oscar de la Renta,the Man Who Dressed the First Ladies



“I still remember when Hillary walked out in that gown,”Bill Clinton once said of the First Lady’s Oscar de la Renta dress she wore 1997 presidential inauguration ball.

“I thought,‘Oh my God,that’s beautiful.”


Hillary Clinton,wearing Oscar de la Renta,dances with Dick Kelly at the inaugural ball in January 1997

Image:Cynthia Johnson/Liaison

Jacqueline Kennedy,the empress of White House fashion,was the first to famously wear de la Renta. The American designer has dressed every First Lady since

De la Renta,who passed away on Monday at age 82,was the bipartisan little black dress for First Ladies —reliable,accessible and always in style. Clinton and Laura Bush turned to the designer for their biggest occasions. Michelle Obama,who had a strained relationship with the designer,finally wore de la Renta —with much fanfare —just a few weeks ago for the very first time Read more…

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‘Star Wars’Music,Performed by the Goats You’re Looking For



You probably thought we were done with goat covers of famous songs,but …no. There is another.

The goats you’re looking for perfectly recreate John Williams’iconic Star Wars score,nailing every note like the natural-born singers they are. The video was created by Marca Blanca,who brought us the Game of Thrones goat cover.

Go ahead,give yourself to the dark side.

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No One Can Serve Up an Insult Like Ice Cube Can



Of course Ice Cube wants baby spinach in his breakfast smoothie. He’s mad you even had to ask.

The rapper and actor dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday and turned sweet statements about rainbows and apple picking into the harshest of insults with just the narrowing of his eyebrows.

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Lollipop Update Will See Revamped Printing Features

lollipop-printingJust as expected,as Android 5.0 Lollipop’s official release to consumers gets nearer,we are learning more and more about the vast number of changes we will encounter when it comes time to actually start using Lollipop on our devices. Google has given its Android OS it’s most significant overhaul to date,and it won’t come a moment too soon. Many people criticized Google’s previous updates of Android for not doing enough to bring about the types of changes people really want,but from what we have learned about Lollipop these critics should be silenced. Some of these changes are quite significant,like the addition of enhanced notifications. Using this particular feature means Lollipop users will be able to pull down on their lock screen to open their notifications drawer and double tap a notification to open the corresponding app. Other changes are not so significant,like the change to the clock app we reported recently which will see Android’s stock clock app automatically change color during the day. Another of these smaller changes to Android 5.0 Lollipop will appear when you use the print menu.

Before Lollipop,when you wanted to print something you were greeted with a very basic,albeit functional,user interface. You could select things like paper size and the number of copies desired but not much else. With Lollipop,you will be greeted with much more advanced options. It keeps all the features that were previously available but adds a few more to make it a much more well-rounded experience. One of these features is allowing users the ability to see a preview of a document before they decide to print it,save it as a PDF,or save it in the cloud. Google has also added the ability to select specific pages of a document to save or print. These changes,of course,will also reflect the Material Design layout that Google has brought to the Lollipop update.

As stated earlier,these additional printing features that will come with Android 5.0 Lollipop may not be as seismic as the many others we will see but,much like the changes to the clock app,they are representative of Google wanting to make Android as functional and enjoyable as possible in every way. For many people,using the Android OS is a huge part of their daily lives and by putting so much consideration into all details,no matter how large or small,Google is showing their commitment to making sure Android users will be more than satisfied with their Lollipop.

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Sony Announces Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact Is Now Available For Pre-Order In U.S.

Sony-Xperia-Z3-Tablet-Compact-AH-4It goes without saying that Google rocked the Android world last week with the announcement of their latest devices. Since then,the Nexus 6 smartphone and the Nexus 9 tablet have dominated most Android related headlines and are getting a great deal of word of mouth. Unfortunately for other Android OEMs,it means their upcoming or newly released devices might get overshadowed. This is a shame too because the Android world is stacked with great options for consumers like never before. Companies like Sony have really come into their own when it comes to how they are treating Android’s software and are releasing their best devices to date. Since their recent unveiling,Sony’s latest flagship and flagship-lite,namely the Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact,have been lauded for their great design and lightning fast performance. Both of these devices are now available for pre-order in the U.S. and today it has been announced that their tablet companion,the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact,will join them.

People in the U.S. who are interested in the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact can pre-order the white Wi-Fi only version directly from Sony starting today,and it will set them back $499.99. It is expected to ship on November 2nd,the same date as Xperia Z3 Compact smartphone. The Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact is much like its smartphone brothers in that it features some pretty impressive specs. It will run Android 4.4 KitKat,features an 8-inch IPS display with 1200 x 1920 pixels,a 2.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor,3 GB of RAM,32 GB of internal storage,a 4500 mAh battery,a 2.1 MP front facing camera and an 8 MP rear camera. It also comes with some other added features that are fairly common in the Android word these days,like NFC capabilities and microSD support.

Aside from these impressive specs,the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact has a few other features that will set it apart from the other Android tablets on the market. Because it is only 6.4 mm thick and weighs only 270 grams,it is the thinnest and lightest 8-inch tablet available today. It also has the highest water-resistance rating of any tablet in the world. Sony certainly left nothing to chance when they designed the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact as,on paper,it seems like a very high-powered device. Will it be enough to lure people away from other Android tablets,like the Nexus 9? Give us your thoughts in the comments below or hit is up on Google +.

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