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‘The Interview’won’t open,but its posters are a hit



They range in price from 99 cents to over $1,000. There are nearly 500 of them available on eBay. We’re talking posters from the ill-fated The Interview the most talked-about film that may never be officially released.

The movie was scheduled to open Christmas Day,but Sony pulled the release after major distributors decided not to show the film. They were reacting to terrorist-style threats from the Guardians of Peace cyber group which hacked Sony’s servers.

Within minutes of that decision on Thursday afternoon,people started selling and buying The Interview Christmas Day premiere posters,banners and paraphernalia on eBay. At first,the highest bids were around $40 —but within 24 hours,some of the double-sided,27 in. by 40 in. posters were receiving bids in the hundreds of dollars. Read more…

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Google Files Against Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood For ‘Project Goliath’ Involvement


Google have been in the news a lot recently. To be fair,they are always in the news one way or another. However,recently we have seen the launch of the new Nexus devices as well as the hotly anticipated new Google android operating system,Android 5.0 (Lollipop). That said,in the very recent times (literally days) another story has started to gain momentum. This stems from the recent Sony hacks which brought to light a number of documents. Some of these were very much geared towards our very own Google.

If you saw our previous article from this morning then you will know that some of the leaked Sony documents showed that the Motion Picture Association Of America (MPAA) led a covert campaign on behalf of movie studios (like Sony) to rubbish Google. This was part of what is now known as ‘Project Goliath’. In the previous article,we highlighted that Google were not too happy about these documents and the seemingly witch-hunt to force Google to omit search results which would lead to sites that offer pirated content. Although yesterday,in a blog post Google highlighted their ‘deep concerns’ about the documents and the MPAA involvement,it seems we all might have underestimated how concerned Google were. Today,the news is that Google have now responded by filing their own lawsuit on the matter.

In court document filed today,Google has filed against Mississippi State Attorney General Jim Hood. If you are wondering why Jim Hood in particular,then this is because he is considered to be largely involved in the Project Goliath plans and suspected to be deeply involved in the MPAA and their efforts to bring the initial cases against Google. To add to the court filing,Google also updated its blog post from yesterday,advising that they have taken this step to ask the court to set aside Attorney General Hood’s 79-page subpoena against them. According to Google,this subpoena “constitutes an unjustified attack that violates well-established U.S. laws governing Internet platforms and online intermediaries”. Google also seems to be seeking to stop Hood from being able to file any future charges. So what do you think about the recent news on this story? Are you glad Google are now filing their own court case against those looking to discredit Google? Let us know.

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Cord cutters rejoice:FCC moves to clear the way for online TV providers



The cable and satellite television industry could be in for a big shift thanks to a small change by the Federal Communications Commission

The regulator is officially considering a tweak to regulation that would remove a major roadblock for companies seeking to offer television online,FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced in a blog post on Friday. The change,if adopted,would allow any company that streams numerous TV channels online to gain the important designation of a multichannel video programming distributor,or MVPD

“Big company control over access to programming should not keep programs from being available on the Internet. Today,we propose to break that bottleneck,”Wheeler wrote Read more…

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Brighten your holidays with Kermit singing ‘It Feels Like Christmas’



If perhaps your holidays aren’t quite warm and fuzzy enough yet,this will undoubtedly do the trick

Kermit the Frog performed “It Feels Like Christmas”from A Muppet Christmas Carol while strolling around the most magical place on Earth and taking selfies with his new friends.

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Obama has John Travolta moment,calls James Franco ‘James Flaco’



President Obama,eternal purveyor of pop culture,expressed his unfaltering love of renowned Oscar-winning actor,comedian and poet James Flaco at his year-end press conference Friday.

Oh wait,what? It’s James Franco. Right,maybe Obama would’ve known that if he could’ve seen The Interview in theaters on date night with Michelle. But thanks to Sony and North Korea,Obama has no damn idea who James Franco is and thinks he is the same guy as Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco or maybe Waka Flocka’s son.

Seth Rogen,though,Obama definitely knows. He’s probably a huge Zack and Miri Make a Porno fan. Read more…

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The cutest staring contest you’ll ever have is one with a baby sloth



Staring contest time. Ready? Go!

The San Diego Zoo welcomed a lazy addition to its family in July:a baby sloth.

If you want to have the staring contest in person,though,you’ll have to visit the zoo’s Elephant Odyssey.

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Report:Google plans to build Android software right into your car



Google is reportedly planning to build its connected car platform Android Auto directly into vehicles.

Reuters is reporting that the integration would differ from how Android Auto already allows users to sync their cars to an Android device. With Android Auto built right in to the vehicle,there would be no need to sync to a smartphone but the driver could still have access to the Internet,apps,music-listening services and other features.

The car software will run the next version of Google’s mobile OS —called Android M —and debut in vehicles starting in 2015,the report suggests. It builds on the concept of “infotainment”systems in cars,which allow drivers to map directions,listen to music and make calls,hands-free with verbal commands Read more…

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T-Mobile Settles FTC Lawsuit Over Unauthorized SMS Charges For $90 Million


Back on July 1st of 2014,the FTC was reportedly coming after T-Mobile for allowing third party charges to hit the bills of customers,a lawsuit that has now apparently resulted in T-Mobile settling that court case in the amount of $90 million,which is to be dispersed out back to the customers who have been affected. After the news of the suit from the FTC broke and the media picked up the story,T-mobile promptly responded with a letter explaining their stance on the matter,stating that they found the complaint “to be unfounded and without merit,”further stating that they had stopped billing customers for those premium SMS charges in 2013,and had since begun a “proactive program to provide full refunds for any customer that feels that they were charged for something they did not want.”

Although the courts have ruled that T-Mobile has to pay that money back,customers will only receive any money if they can prove that they were charged for any premium SMS fees during those time periods indicated in the lawsuit filing this summer. The FTC’s investigation into this particular matter involving T-Mobile is only one of a handful of different instances that are similar,including past cases this year against AT&T,Amazon and Google over unauthorized charges billed to customers.

Of the $90 million that T-Mobile has to refund,a portion in the amount of $22.5 million has to be paid back to the FCC(Federal Communications Commission)and the states as a fine for the alleged violations. As for the customers who are involved or otherwise have been affected by these charges,T-Mobile will apparently have a refund program set in place for those customers to receive their money back for unwanted and unauthorized fees,which the court ruled T-Mobile has to inform each and every customer of. So,if you are a T-Mobile customer and you ended up with some unauthorized premium SMS charges on your bill over the past year or two,look out for an email from T-Mobile explaining the process on how to get the refund for them. Although T-Mobile’s case has reportedly been settled,the FTC states that they will continue to investigate carriers in regards to cramming complaints from customers.

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Obama:Sony ‘made a mistake’by canceling ‘The Interview’



President Barack Obama said Friday that Sony Pictures “made a mistake”when it pulled its comedy The Interview in the face of threats by hackers who the FBI said were from North Korea.

Speaking at his year-end press conference,Obama said he was “sympathetic”to Sony’s situation. The company had just had its computer network sabotaged and huge amounts of internal data exposed,and the hackers who did it then threatened violence against theaters that showed the movie.

“Having said all that,yes,I think they made a mistake,”Obama said.

“I am sympathetic that Sony as a private company was worried about liabilities,”the president said. “I wish they had spoken to me first. I would have told them,do not get into a pattern in which you are intimidated by these kinds of criminal attacks.”Read more…

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After delays and extra costs,Detroit’s Batch Brewing Company is finally set to open



Setting Up Shop is a 10-part series on Mashable that aired between June and December 2014. Mashable followed Azalina Eusope as she set out to open a brick-and-mortar Azalina’s in San Francisco,and Stephen Roginson as he seeks to open a microbrewery in Detroit. This is the 10th and final episode.

Most American small businesses,says Stephen Roginson,are built on a dream and elbow grease.

Roginson is a former corporate marketer turned homebrewer,hustling to open his Batch Brewing Company nanobrewery in Downtown Detroit before year’s end. He’s on a mission to help revitalize the city he loves,and there’s a lot at stake:His life savings,a $50,000 grant,an Indiegogo campaign,his reputation and the hopes of a neighborhood craving a comeback. Read more…

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Here’s What Android 5.0.1 Lollipop Looks Like On The Samsung Galaxy Note 4,Note Edge And Galaxy S5 LTE-A


Ah yes,the waiting game. This sort of game gets played every time Google updates Android,which has historically been every 6 months or less,however there was a full year between Android 4.4 KitKat and Android 5.0 Lollipop’s release. Since Lollipop came out a few manufacturers have already pushed out the update,like Motorola,LG and Samsung,but many are still waiting for the Lollipop update on their phone. Samsung has only released Lollipop to the Galaxy S5 in Poland,but as we’ve seen from some reports of people wanting to downgrade back to Android 4.4 KitKat it almost feels like that build was rushed out to field test Samsung’s newest software update.

We saw that well over a month ago Samsung was testing out the Lollipop update on the Galaxy S4 as well as a number of other phones,and now today we’ve got another set of videos from SamMobile showing Android 5.0.1 Lollipop running on the Galaxy S5 LTE-A (the Korean variant),the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge. As we’ve seen from the Galaxy S4 and S5 videos Samsung is finally making their UI look exactly the same no matter what Samsung device you own,which is a breath of fresh air for anyone that’s been stuck on an “older”Samsung device while brand new Samsung phones get complete UI overhauls and new looks. This falls in line with a number of other manufacturers out there and it’s just generally great to see.

Feature wise parity is also being made with all the devices,minus the S-Pen functionality that’s exclusive to the Galaxy Note series for obvious reasons. Samsung has added a bunch of really nice new features like a contacts sharing section,an easy way to view all the storage available on your phone from the file management app,and a general UI refresh with plenty of Lollipop influence. The tinted status bar that Lollipop features has been turned that cool Samsung cyan blue for every single Samsung app,so Samsung apps are super easy to identify when switching between them in the new Lollipop recents screen. What’s also pretty amazing to see is how fast Samsung is updating the Galaxy Note Edge and even giving it quite a few new visual additions and a new camera UI to take even better advantage of that extra screen space,as well as making slow motion and fast motion a little easier to find. Check out the videos below for a preview and note that some of this stuff will change between now and the actual release,which is slated for Q1 2015.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Cyanogen CEO calls out Samsung on OS design

cyanogen_logoYU Digital,the baby of Micromax’s,launched a mid-range device that’s being advertised as the Zeus of phones. The phone sports a 5.5-inch 720p display,a 64-bit Snapdragon 615,2GB of RAM,a 5 MP front facing camera in tandem with a 13 MP rear shooter. It will also pack dual-sim slots,4G LTE,and a 2,500 mAh battery. Oh and it will feature Cyanogen‘s OS 11.

During a Q&A session following the announcement,Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster spent some time toting the phone,the OS,and calling out other OEMs.

As McMaster said in the Q&A session,competitors just can’t,well,compete with the OS. “Samsung couldn’t build a good OS if they tried.” Cyanogen has been about “super optimizing Android and taking it to a new level” since its inception,he said. “We believe that… there’s an opportunity to be the first or second dominant version of Android on the planet.”

Given Cyanogen’s co-founder Steve Kondik previously spent time working with Samsung,it could be a big deal. That said,it could also be competitive banter that’s expected in such a primed market. Given India’s rapidly increasing smartphone market,it makes a lot of sense for both Cyanogen and YU Digital to break into the market. The device registration will launch tomorrow on Amazon India for 8,999 rupees ($140).

For those interested in hearing the Q&A and the barb at Samsung we have the launch event for you below. The “OMG shots fired”moment happens at 1:16.45. Enjoy!

Click here to view the embedded video.


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Calgary Public Library App Replaces Library Card And Speeds Up Checkout

Calgary's New LibraryThere is an App for everything else,why not your library card? As more and more items become electronic,the need to carry your wallet around becomes unnecessary – there was a time I always grabbed my back pocket to make sure my wallet was there. It became such a fixture there I wouldn’t even feel it there anymore…like I had a permanent dip in my behind. The same is now true about my smartphone – I always touch my front shirt pocket to make sure I have it with me at all costs. My Starbuck’s ‘card’ is in there,all of my bank,PayPal and credit cards are there just in case I need to transfer money. There are states that are now allowing you to have a digital driver’s license,so why would I want to carry around my wallet just to have my library card with me.

That is exactly the Calgary Public Library was thinking,besides,it may bring in some new members,especially since they are eliminating the $12 fee in 2015 for a library card. Paul McIntyre Royston,president and CEO of the Calgary Public Library Foundation said,“Everyone’s getting rid of their wallets and we want to also be a part of that trend. It’s about accessibility and freedom and openness”. Along with the App,on December 28 they will be launching a new website in BETA testing mode that will update the site to a more electronic friendly mode – new catalog and for the first time an online registration where no driver’s license is needed. Royston said in the past that you needed some form of Government ID to get your library card.

A young,16 year-old girl,has been using the library since she was a child and now that she is in high school,she really appreciates the new App. It alerts you to when your book is due or when the books she requested are ready for pickup…all straight from her cellphone. She said,“It makes the library more accessible to people who don’t necessarily want to carry their wallet around all the time.  Convenience is the currency of our age”. Both the new website and the App are available via the old website,calgarypubliclibrary.com,for those that want a sneak peek at what is coming.

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A look inside Cuba on the brink of a new era



In a historic turn of events,the U.S. and Cuba on Wednesday announced a move towards normalizing the diplomatic relations,which have been strained for decades.

The surprise announcement marked the most significant policy shift in America’s relationship with the communist island since the country severed ties with Cuba in 1961. Progress in Cuba has largely remained stunted after decades of isolation from the U.S.

Today,the streets of the Cuban capital,Havana,are filled with classic American cars from the 1950s,and residents live simple,vibrant lives amid the country’s crumbling infrastructure. Take a look inside Cuba after this week’s historic announcement. Read more…

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Verizon Offering 50% Off $199 And Higher On-Contract Priced Android Devices


With each day that passes,Christmas is inching closer and closer. If you have done all your shopping then well done. You can now relax and enjoy the last few days. If you have not though,you best get a move on as time is running out. Either way though and whether you are looking for a deal for yourself or for someone else then it looks like the deals are not over yet. Verizon has launched an interesting one day.

It seems Verizon are currently offering all android devices over $199.99 (on-contract) at half price. If you are in the market for a new device then this is seriously a deal worth looking at. In fairness though,the number of devices which has an on-contract list price of over $200 is limited,but that said,it does seem to include the Samsung Galaxy Note 4,the Sony Xperia Z3v and the Motorola DROID Turbo. So although the list is limited,these three devices alone make it a deal worth paying attention to. As such,you can currently pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for $149.99. The Sony Xperia Z3v is coming in at $99 and the Motorola DROID Turbo also comes in at $99.

It is worth remembering that these prices are for an on-contract price. So,these deals might not be the best present for someone else this Christmas as you do need to sign up for a two-year Verizon contract. However,if you have already done all your shopping and fancy picking up a new device or treat for yourself,then with this deal you could get a decent phone with very little upfront. If you are being tempted then it is also worth noting,that Verizon are offering overnight delivery free of charge. As such,you have until December 23rd at 4pm to still guarantee arrival before Christmas. So what do you think? Anyone interesting in picking up the Note 4,Xperia Z3v or DROID Turbo at these prices? If you do then make sure to let us know. For those definitely interested,click the source link below to head directly over to the Verizon site.

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Thousands sign up for ‘Suck it,Kim Jong-un’screening of ‘The Interview’in Toronto



More than 2,000 people have signed up to attend planned independent screenings of The Interview in Toronto and Montreal,after distributor Sony Pictures Entertainment canceled the film’s Christmas release

Facebook event pages show that the Toronto screening has 2,300 people confirmed,while the Montreal screening has more than 500. However,neither event organizer currently has a copy of the comedy,which Sony pulled from theatrical release on Wednesday following threats from anonymous hackers. In response,many are urging the company to release The Interview online for free.

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Featured:Top 10 Best Sprint Smartphones – Fall 2014


Sprint is currently the third largest carrier in the US right now. So chances are,someone that’s on your list this year is using Sprint as their carrier. So why not pick them up a new smartphone for Christmas? We’ve got 10 great smartphones that Sprint offers,in all different price ranges. Let’s check them out.


Sharp Aquos Crystal

The Sharp Aquos Crystal is the first Sharp smartphone to make its way into the US,and onto a carrier. It’s a near bezel-less smartphone with mid-range specs. Including a 5-inch 720p display,Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor,2GB of RAM,and 8GB of storage. But the big deal here is the bezel-less display. It looks so amazing.

Sharp Aquos Crystal

AH HTC One E8-23

HTC One E8

The HTC One E8 is basically the plastic,or polycarbonate version of the HTC One M8. It’s slightly cheaper as well. We’re looking at a 5-inch 1080p display,Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor here with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. It’s a sleek looking smartphone from HTC that’s running Android 4.4 KitKat.

HTC One E8

AH Samsung Galaxy Note 4 -51

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup is always mega popular,and this year was no different. With it’s 5.7-inch Quad HD display,Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor,3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage,it definitely would please anyone on your list this year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 –Black,White

LG G3 Vigor 2 AH

LG G3 Vigor

The LG G3 Vigor is a mid-range smartphone from LG. It has a 5-inch 720p display,along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 and 1GB of RAM. It also has a 2540mAh battery,which should be enough to last you all day long.

LG G3 Vigor


HTC Desire 510

The HTC Desire 510 is also a mid-range smartphone from HTC. We’re looking at a 4.7-inch 854×480 resolution display here,with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor inside and a gig of RAM. Additionally it does have front-facing Boomsound speakers. Which is what everyone seems to be clamoring for these days.

HTC Desire 510



The LG G3 is one of the best flagships of the year. It’s sporting a 5.5-inch 2560×1440 Quad HD display,Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB of RAM. This one is available on all four carriers as well. I used this phone for the most of the year,and absolutely loved the thing.

LG G3 –Metallic BlackShine Gold

HTC-One-M8 (79)

HTC One M8 Harman Kardon edition

Sprint managed to get themselves an exclusive on a Harman Kardon edition of the HTC One M8. Other than the Harman Kardon branding and it being available in black,it’s identical to the regular HTC One M8. Which features a 5-inch 1080p display,Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM.

HTC One M8 Harmon Kardon Edition –HTC One M8 –Gold,Gray

AH Samsung Galaxy S5 -7 LOGO

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has been a very popular phone this year,and there’s no doubt as to why. It’s got a 5.1-inch 1920×1080 resolution display,Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor,and 2GB of RAM. It also has a slightly changed design over the Galaxy S4 which is welcomed.

Samsung Galaxy S5 –White,Black,Gold


Kyocera Hydro Vibe

Kyocera has a few phones out this holiday season as well. This is the Hydro Vibe on Sprint which has the exclusive too. As you’d expect from the name,the Hydro Vibe is a water-resistant device. It’s not rugged like the Brigadier,but it is water proof and has a Snapdragon 400 processor inside with 1GB of RAM.

Kyocera Hydro Vibe


Google Nexus 6

The Google Nexus 6 should be at the top of everyone’s list. It’s the must have smartphone right now,from Google. It’s got a 5.96-inch 2560×1440 resolution display,Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor,3GB of RAM,32GB or 64GB of storage along with a 13MP camera on the back.

Google Nexus 6 –Cloud White,Midnight Blue

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Xposed MOD Allows You To Customize Your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Air Command Menu

AH Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ah-3

The Samsung Galaxy Note series are excellent devices. If you are slightly scared of a bigger device then this might not be the one for you,as it is firmly stuck in the phablet sized department. That said,if you don’t mind a bigger phone,then you cannot do much better than the latest Note device,the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It is no secret anymore that the device has become somewhat iconic due to its inclusion of the now Note-normal S-Pen. Without the S-Pen the,Note 4 would simply be a big device but with it,the possibilities are endless. Not to mention all the pre-loaded S-Pen software that comes as standard on the device. The most well-known of these is Air Command which is the little pop-up action bar that becomes visible whenever the S-Pen is nearby and the interactive button pressed.

The only problem with Air Command is that it lacks any form of customization. Most folk running an android device,love the ability to make their phones and devices their own. In terms of Air Command,Samsung surprisingly offered no form of customization. That said,if you are rooted then it does not have to be that way. There is a Xposed MOD that allows users to really make the Air Command far more individual and fun. The ‘Air Command Themer’does exactly what the name suggests and allows users to apply a theme or skin to their Air Command.

If you fancy pimping up your Air Command then as mentioned you do need to be rooted. After rooting,you do also need to have the Xposed Framework installed on your Note 4. Following on from this,you just need to download install the Air Command Themer MOD,activate the MOD,reboot so the activation takes effect and then get theming. You can read more about the MOD,what it can offer and see the selection of themes by heading over to the XDA page. If you do give it a go then make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think and what theme you are using.

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Verizon releases sweet 50% off deal for Android devices priced $199 and higher


Verizon announced a new deal today just in time for last minute gifts for buyers looking for an Android phone. Any device that is normally priced $199 or more can be purchased for 50% off. To get an idea of what a deal this is,just check out the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which sells for only $149.99 with a 2-year contract. That is better than the Black Friday deals that were available.

Along with the special pricing on Android devices,Verizon is also offering a $150 bill credit on any lines you switch over to Verizon to be used with a new smartphone. According to Verizon,the credit will show up in 2 to 3 billing cycles. If you want to check out this deal or some of the other deals that Verizon has right now,like a free LG G3 with a 2-year contract,hit the source link.


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Industry Minister Says that 2015 Will Bring More Spectrum and Competition to Canadians

shutterstock_cell_towersIndustry Minister James Moore has been in the news again as Canada begins to kick off 2015 with a real emphasis on providing spectrum.  He wants to make more spectrum available to Canadians than ever before to provide mobile services to consumers and to that end,the spectrum available has grown by almost 60-percent in 2014.  As more Canadians consumers rely on their smartphones and tablets for fast and instant communications,that invisible infrastructure must be in place.

This announcement will ensure that Canadians will have access to world-class wireless network.  James Moore stated:“Spectrum is essential to power our wireless devices,and our government is making it more available than ever before.  The end result is that Canadians will benefit from more competition,lower prices and better service in our wireless sector.  The Harper Government is committed to delivering competitively priced wireless services on the latest technologies.”

They announced that the AWS-3 auction will begin on March 3,2015 to ensure enough spectrum for the latest wireless devices as well as encourage sustained competition.  At the same time the Government will begin asking for input on the new 600 MHz band that is available for mobile use.  They will also be looking into the AWS-4 spectrum band “so that a new competitor can offer more choice to Canadians,especially those in rural and remote areas.”  Additional 2100 MHz spectrum will also be made available to ensure that the services that Canadians want the most can be delivered to them.

The Canadian Government believes that their actions have had a positive effect on competition and claim that wireless prices have fallen an average of 22-percent since 2008.  If you look at the graph below,you will see that in 2006 the Big Three – Rogers,Bell and TELUS – held 98-percent of the mobile spectrum and by May 2015,their competitors will hold over 25-percent of the total wireless spectrum.  To further their goals,in April 2014,the Government launched Digital Canada 150 – their “bold vision to make Canada a leading digital nation by 2017.”

Bold statements came from WIND Mobile’s Chairman Tony Lacavera when he said,“True competition means better wireless packages and lower rates for consumers… The Federal Government’s commitment to sustained competition from a fourth carrier in every region is entirely in the best interest of Canadians,and we at WIND Mobile are committed to continuing as that alternative in Ontario,British Columbia and Alberta.”

Please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know if you feel that there is more competition and lower prices for your wireless mobile services…as always,we would love to hear from you.

Canada Spectrum Auction

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