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Firefighter Who Suffered Electric Shock During Ice Bucket Challenge Has Died



Tony Grider,one of the Kentucky firefighters injured last month during an ice bucket challenge gone wrong,has died.

The 16-year veteran of the Campbellsville Fire Department was among four firefighters who sustained injuries from electric shock after a fire truck they were on came too close to a power line. Grider,41,sustained the most severe injuries of the four and had remained hospitalized since the accident in August.

A central Kentucky firefighter injured in an “ice bucket challenge”has diedhttp://t.co/j9iPsB47Bz pic.twitter.com/jHKTOLq6eS

—CBS News (@CBSNews) September 20,2014

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6 Expert Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe on Social Media



Today’s kids are more social media savvy than ever. A whopping 80% of teens online use some form of social media,and they’re sharing more information about themselves on social networks than they have in the past.

While growing up online has its benefits,it poses new risks. Between cyberbullying,oversharing and giving into peer pressure,a child’s misuse of a social network can turn into a serious problem.

For many parents,navigating their child’s social media presence is not only worrisome,but also challenging. But with the right approach,parents can set positive examples for their kids and teach them how to use social media responsibly and respectfully Read more…

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Rumor:HTC Might Be Developing Their Own Glass To Rival Google And Samsung

HTC Logo HD AH-7

As September comes to a close and we wave farewell to IFA,all we are left with is the number of announcements and promises made by the IFA exhibitors. Now it is all over it is clear that 2014 has been the year of the wearables. Nearly every big tech company announced some form of a wearable device which is either on its way or will be released in the coming year. However,there were also two very interesting developments about HTC made in the last month. The first,was the news HTC are making the new Nexus 9 and that it might even be officially announced on October 9th. The second interesting development was at IFA when HTC (unlike everyone else) actively denied they were in the process or manufacturing a smartwatch. Now,it’s not often a company publicly has to denounce they are making something and so the news by HTC was in fact news although about no news. This did seem somewhat surprising when everyone else is working on the brand new technology. Why were HTC not working on a smartwatch?

Well now it seems we might have an answer to that. A report by Portuguese technology site 4gnews.pt suggests HTC are actually in the process of building their own version of Google Glass. If the rumors are true then this would help to explain why HTC are not interested in smartwatches this year. Instead of taking part in the smartwatch race with everyone else they are heading straight for the most controversial wearable taking on both Google and Samsung. At the moment the wearable is simply being referred to as the rather lacking-in-creativity ‘HTC Glass’ but different to Google’s infamous glasses HTC Glass will not focus on voice activation. Instead,it seems HTC’s Glass will be brain activated. Yep,you heard right. HTC’s version (according to the rumors) will respond to users thoughts more than their voice. With HTC Glass,users won’t have to click on the camera icon on a smartphone to take a picture,won’t even have to tell the camera to take a picture (like Google Glass) but instead the picture will automatically be taken as soon as the user thinks it. The image below (again provided by 4gnews.pt) supposedly shows the technology in development although in fairness there is little we can take from the image in terms of the actual device or its functionality.

Now it is worth remembering this rumor is still in its infancy and we know virtually nothing about the device except its existence. However as this is a rumor even that cannot be taken as truth. Both the details and the image were provided to 4gnews.pt via one of their ‘sources’ and even they advise its best to take this information “with a pinch of salt”. However,if this is true it does go some distance in explaining why HTC so vocally denounced their involvement in the smartwatch race.

HTC Glass

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PIPO To Launch The First 4G LTE Tablet With A MediaTek Processor


The Chinese smartphone market is quite different to that elsewhere in the world with generally a much wider selection of companies and products on offer. Another example of the different between the Chinese and in particular the US market is the difference in quality. While the US market is preoccupied greatly with specs a lot of time the Chinese market looks to offer a wider selection of budget devices. A good example of this is with the use of processors. The majority of smartphones being released in the US at the moment will almost certainly claim to use Qualcomm’s mighty Snapdragon range of processors. This in itself is a selling point for the device and why you will see it listed on any device that contains one…even if the processor is a low budget Qualcomm. However in China the processor market is not so dominated with Qualcomm and instead MediaTek seems to do rather well. Although recently MediaTek processors are becoming better known in the US they are still more commonly seen in lower-end or budget devices compared to the flagship devices.

The tablet market is a little different to the smartphone market as it seems the highest spec processors seem to take longer to hit devices than they do in the smartphone world. It is not sure if this is due to the manufacturers placing greater emphasis on smartphones or if consumers simply are more forgiven in this respect. Either way PIPO seem interested in changing the status quo. Reports are coming in that PIPO are hoping to increase their presence in the Chinese tablet market by launching the H3 tablet. The big selling point for the H3 is that it will be the first tablet to offer 4G LTE support with a MediaTek processor. The H3 will come equipped with a MediatTek MT6592 which was one of the first ‘true’ Octa-core processors. In contrast to ‘fake’Octa-core processors,the true ones allow all eight cores to work simultaneously instead of the fake Octa-core processors which rely on four cores working at a time,switching between high and low power modes.

Other details of the H3 tablet are extremely sketchy at the moment although it does seem the tablet will be 10.1” sized with a screen resolution of 1900 x 1200. In addition,the device will come with a 13 MP camera which is pretty good for a tablet. An early image (shown above) of the H3 does shows its design is rather similar to the PIPO T9 (previous PIPO 8.9” tablet) except the corners on the H3 are less round and sharper. There are reports that the H3 will also offer dual-SIM capability and additional memory card slots. Although at the moment very little has been confirmed.

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3 Things to Know Before Embarking on an International Job Assignment



As corporations expand across borders and move into new markets,the business world is truly becoming a global marketplace. So why limit yourself to working your entire career in just one country? Leaving home in search of new career experiences can position you as a sought-after player in the global economy,and potentially lead to a big leap forward in your career,either abroad or back at home. But fair warning:International assignments are not necessarily for the faint-hearted or unadventurous.

We spoke to three women leaders about why they signed up for international roles,what it did for their careers and what they wish they had known before they went. Each responded with similar,yet unique,experiences,offering up three distinct pieces of advice for those seeking international assignments. Read more…

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Google Removes Mandatory G+ Sign-up for new Gmail Accounts

google-plus-graveyard-600If you’ve made a Gmail account,you know the struggle of having to sign up for Google Plus against your will in order to use any of the neat features that come with a Google account. Thankfully,that annoying restriction is on the way out. Now you can create a new Google account in order to further compartmentalize your online presence without making ANOTHER Google Plus account. Unfortunately,if you want to use YouTube or leave reviews on Google Play,or set up your Android phone,you will still need to set up an account on Google’s fading social media site.

While this will add some convenience to setting up a spam-catching email account,it does signal the end of a very short era. With Google no longer pushing Google Plus as hard as it used to the site can start to shrink even more. There are already hints that Google is done with G+,and this news hardly quells the rumors.


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Weird Sennheiser Ad Says Urbanite Headphones Were ‘Born to Pamper’Ears



Are your ears longing for some pampering? A nice,hot bath perhaps? Sennheiser’s quirky new ad claims its Urbanite headphones will help them “feel oh so good.”

Launched at this year’s IFA consumer-electronics show in Berlin,the Urbanite is best described as Sennheiser’s answer to Beats:stylish,bass-heavy,on-ear headphones that cost $199

But Sennheiser seems to know that all those offerings —plus its pedigree as a maker of great headphones —might not be enough to draw attention. So in its new ad,the company showcases a man with a heavy German accent (Sennheiser is a German company) who is wearing an Urbanite headphones costume,while seducing a giant ear. Yes,you read that correctly Read more…

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Why Consumers Shrug Off Lousy Battery Life



At this point,pretty much every tech publication has reviewed the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus and found them to be an improvement over the last models in every way

Except one:battery life.

Some reviewers,such as Geoffrey Fowler of The Wall Street Journal and Brad Molen of Engadget found the iPhone 6′s battery life was worse than the iPhone 5S. (The elephantine iPhone 6 Plus did better on this score.)

It’s not surprising that mediocre battery life has failed to torpedo the new iPhones

In surveys,consumers say the attribute is a big concern when it comes to buying a phone. In practice,though,consumers have shunned phones with superior battery life —such as the LG G2. Rationalizing that middling battery performance is the price you pay for bigger and better screens and greater connectivity,most consumers seem content to live with charging anxiety. Read more…

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Apple iPhone 6:Is It the Best Point-and-Shoot?



After months of waiting,we finally have Apple iPhone 6 (and its big brother,the iPhone 6 Plus). It’s the 7th or 8th edition of the iPhone (depending on how you count the 5C) and with each passing year,the “phone”designation appears less and less on the nose. Isn’t it really the iCamera?

No matter what you call it,photography stands at or near the center of the iPhone 6’s key attributes. Considering where smartphone photography began,it’s a surprising turn of events.

Years ago I wrote an angry post begging consumers to stop using their puny,1 megapixel flip phone cameras to capture precious moments. It was a futile effort and also quite wrongheaded. What I did not understand at the time is that consumers were not settling for bad smartphone photography,they were grabbing with both hands the ability to share instantly with friends and family visual news of the birth of their daughter or of their son graduating from college. Having any camera of any quality on always-connected devices was,quite simply,a revelation for consumers. Read more…

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Are You ‘The Flash’? Step Into the S.T.A.R. Labs Mobile Unit and Find Out



LOS ANGELES —Think you can compete with Barry Allen?

To promote next month’s premiere of The Flash,the CW,working with Two Bit Circus and media agency OMD,have created a mobile installation that’ll give you the chance to find out

SEE ALSO:‘The Flash’Trailer Hits:9 Cool Blink-And-You-Missed-It Screenshots

Starting Saturday outside the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas,up to 20 people at a time can step inside the S.T.A.R. Labs mobile research unit to get a taste of what it’s like to have super speed.


The exterior of the S.T.A.R. Labs mobile research unit in Los Angeles.

Image:Josh Dickey/Mashable Read more…

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Android Headliner:Why Can’t We Sync Android Wear Between Multiple Devices?


So we’ve had Android Wear smartwatches in our hands for a few months now. Essentially ever since Google I/O in June. We’ve had the Gear Live and the G Watch for a few months,with the Moto 360 just coming out this month,and a few others announced as well. And now that we’ve gotten into the busy season and are getting tons of review units in to review on the site,I have a gripe about Android Wear that probably won’t affect everyone,but it’s still important.

Most of you that flash custom ROMs,or have done any kind of factory reset since you’ve gotten an Android Wear smartwatch probably know all about this. But whenever you switch devices or do a factory reset or flash a custom ROM,you then have to factory reset your watch. As you cannot simply pair it with another device. Now I understand that most of you out there don’t have multiple phones,but some of you do. And it’s a pain to have to reset my watch every couple of weeks. If Google could just simply add in a option to sync with another phone,it’d make a lot of people happy. Especially those of us that are reviewers here.

Yes,I know. Android Wear is still in it’s early days. There are a few other things that annoy me about Android Wear as well,but I’ll save that for a later date. Just allow me to sync the Moto 360 with the Moto X,then with the LG G3 without having to factory reset it,and i’ll be more than happy. And I’m sure I’m not alone here. You’d think that’d be one of the first things Google would add in an OTA. We’ve only had about 4-5 OTA’s since Google I/O anyways. Hopefully this will come in the post-Android L update for Android Wear. As we do know there’s a lot of features coming in that update,including better support for custom watch faces. Which I personally can’t wait for.

Android Wear still has some bumps to get over,and I guess that’s what we get for being early adopters here. But it is coming along,and not to sound like a fanboy or anything here,but I think Android Wear has some of the best smartwatches so far. For one,it syncs with a whole lot more devices than the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Tizen-powered watches. There’s also Pebble,but that’s mostly just notifications on a black and white display. As well as Sony’s own ecosystem for their smartwatches,which is great and all but there’s plenty more development on Android Wear now. What parts of Android Wear really annoy you right now? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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NASA Plans to Launch 3D Printer Into Space Sunday



The International Space Station may soon get its first 3D printer.

A 3D printer is planned to be among the supplies sent to the the space station on SpaceX’s resupply mission,slated for 2:00 a.m. ET Sunday morning

Once there,the 3D printer,NASA says,will be used to make replacement parts and tools aboard the space station. It will be the first time astronauts on the ISS will have access to a 3D printer. The astronauts are expected to also conduct research on 3D printing in space and study how the process works in zero gravity Read more…

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Wife of ISIS Captive Alan Henning Asks for His Release



The wife of a man whose life was threatened by the Islamic State has asked the terrorist group to “see it in their hearts to release”her husband,Alan Henning,according to a statement provided by the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Saturday.

The statement,as reported by The Daily Mirror,describes Henning,who was threatened last Saturday in another ISIS video showing the death of British aid worker David Haines,as a “peaceful,selfless man.”

Henning,47,left his job as a taxi driver to go to Syria with Muslim friends to help the needy out of an act of compassion,his wife said. When he was taken captive last December,“he was driving an ambulance full of food and water to be handed out to anyone in need.”Read more…

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5 Can’t-Miss Apps:A Goblin-Themed RPG,Storehouse and More



Between the rollout of iOS 8 and Apple’s two new iPhones going on sale,you may have missed some of this week’s best new apps.

Luckily,Mashable creates a roundup each weekend of our favorite new and updated apps,so you won’t miss out.

This week’s list includes a goblin-themed RPG,Findery coming to Android and a big update for one of iOS’best photo apps.

Check out the gallery,above,to see all the apps that made our list of top picks. And if you’re looking for more,check out last week’s roundup of can’t-miss apps.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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CyanogenMod 11:Now Playing On an International Galaxy S IV Active Near You


People that know CyanogenMod also know Cyanogen,Inc.  And people that know either of these names know that they strive to get Android as up-to-date as possible on as many devices as possible.  This weekend begins with great news for those of us with an international variant of the Samsung Galaxy S IV Active,or the GT-I9295 if you only care about model numbers for accuracy.  The folks at CyanogenMod have released the first nightly build for the I9295 model of the S IV,who is known to be  a minor star from 2013,overshadowed by the regular Galaxy S IV and HTC’s One.

But today,the S IV Active gets the CyanogenMod treatment with its first nightly build.  As with all things root and ROM,installing it will void your warranty.  Fact.  Next,to install it,you should probably have a functioning backup of your Touchwiz system,and have both the nightly and an up-to-date GApps (Google Apps) package to flash right after it too (so you can actually access the Play Store).  Finally,and the most important one,is that since this is both the first build,AND a nightly build,there will be bugs,crashes,errors,and broken things galore.  Don’t expect it to work flawlessly,and be prepared to restore your phone to normal if something doesn’t work.

What this all means,warnings aside,is that the S IV active is not a dead phone,however Samsung may treat it.  And with CyanogenMod 11,based on Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat,running on it,with a slimmed down experience and lesser RAM usage,you should get better performance,no Samsung required.  The team at Cyanogen and CyanogenMod will likely update the device until either the device maintainer leaves or sells their device,or it gets too far outdated,like we heard the Galaxy Nexus has with regard to Android L custom ROMs.  But for the time being,if you happen to hate Touchwiz or just want to spice up your S4 Active,I9295,then go get that download from the source below,and let us know what you think!

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Microsoft Courts iOS 8 Users With OneDrive Free Space Promotion



Amid all the iOS 8,iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus excitement,Microsoft wants to remind the world that OneDrive is still a thing.

Through the end of September,Microsoft is offering new OneDrive users 30GB of free OneDrive space. That’s up from the 15GB that Microsoft traditionally offers.

To get an extra 15GB of space,you’ll need to login to the OneDrive app for iOS,Android or Windows Phone and enable the auto upload feature for the camera roll. You’ll need to enable his feature by the end of September to get the extra space.

On the one hand,we can’t help but poke a little fun at Microsoft for trying to take advantage of iOS 8 mania. On the other hand,30GB of free cloud storage really could be useful. Especially for anyone wanting to backup an iPhone before moving to iOS 8 who doesn’t have the cloud space for their camera roll and isn’t interested in Apple’s paid offerings. Read more…

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Xiaomi Invests in iHealth Labs


Xiaomi is one of the largest Chinese smartphone manufacturers with devices such as the beautiful Mi4 and an in-house Android based interface,MIUI. Until recently,Xiaomi’s smartphones were rarely seen in the Western smartphone markets but the business is keen to expand. Xiaomi’s latest,high end products are as well made as the more established brands in the west but are considerably cheaper. They appear to have a very bright future ahead of them but acknowledge that sales and marketing outside of China and India is something of a weakness. Today’s news will contribute to Xiaomi’s mindshare in a small way.

We’ve received reports that Xiaomi Ventures,part of the smartphone group,is branching out into healthcare with an investment of $25 million into iHealth Lab. iHealth Lab manufacture smart health devices including the first wireless blood pressure monitor (released in 2012) followed with a wireless blood glucose monitor. Their products were the first to be carried by Apple retail stores and are now sold in Walgreens,Best Buy and of course Amazon all over the world. Indeed,iHealth has been developing an app to integrate with Apple’s distinctly unhealthy HealthKit (the service is offline as Apple discovered bugs at the last minute).

iHealth’s products and services have rapidly gained traction as consumers and their healthcare professionals adopt the technology. For the user,the information that the new generation of devices provide is far more visual and accessible compared with older systems. Making the information easily accessible helps patients understand their condition and simplifies the process of sharing the data with their healthcare professionals. It may also reduce the necessary infrastructure required at hospitals and doctor surgeries as the information may be transferred wirelessly into the medical practitioners’computer. This is because many personal health monitoring systems are integrated,in one form or another,with cloud technologies too.

iHealth is planning to use Xiaomi’s investment to expand its global operations by investing in additional sales and marketing resources. It’s unclear if this will be focused on consumers,medical professionals or both but one thing is clear:Xiaomi’s interest and investment in what is an Internet of Things is a sign that the technology rapidly becoming entrenched in society.

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Verizon launching the Motorola Moto X (2014) on September 26


On September 26,the Moto X (2014) will be available through Verizon. A leaked internal document shows that the wait for the Motorola flagship is almost over. Verizon will have both 16 and 32GB versions with Moto Maker customizations being an option. As expected,it will cost $99/$149 with a new two-year contract. Forgoing the contract route and using the Edge payment plan will be $24.99/$27.49 per month.

To really generate some excitement,Big Red is hosting a promotion in which the bamboo back panel with white will not carry any extra cost. The Edge price stays at $27.49 for this promotion.


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As Mobilicity Closes Down Cell Sites as it Asks For a Court Extension Until December 1

AH Mobilicity Canada Logo 1.1The Canadian wireless saga continues with Mobilicity taking front and center stage as its September 26 deadline for court protection from creditors is nearing its expiration.  The financially strapped Mobilicity is asking for its seventh extension to run through December 1 and we are left wondering what could possibly happen between now and then to make any difference in their survival or ability to find a buyer.  The Government in its neverending quest to keep the incumbent carriers from purchasing up the smaller ones has block a couple lucrative offers from WIND Mobile.  While I understand their position of increasing competition,does it make sense to let a company fail and its employees lose their jobs if another company is willing to buy them out –especially when it is not one of the Big Three –WIND Mobile needs to increase its size if it is to compete with the likes of Rogers,Bell or TELUS.

Quadrangle,one of Mobilicity’s early backers,believes that some of Mobilicity’s problems are government related and filed a claim with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against Industry Canada for $1.2 billion.  They stated that the government “breached its assurances that it would enforce foreign ownership rules,require incumbent carriers to provide roaming and access to cell towers at reasonable rates and terms,prevent unfair and anti-competitive competitive practices and allow spectrum to be transferred.”  They believe these factors had a direct impact on what is happening at Mobilicity.

Mobilicity’s explains its reasons for an extension – they claim that a “number of events have taken place since the last extension…that are relevant to [their] restructuring efforts.”  Secondly,they need more time “to review and consider the restructuring alternatives that may be available to them” and to consult with their stakeholders.  They also claim that they have sufficient resources to meet their obligations during the extension period.

As Mobilicity fights to stay above water,there are a few positive signs,such as they have actually added 1,697 new,net subscribers since August…the most it has grown since December 2012.  They have also closed down cell sites from its network that were “redundant or carried very little traffic,” as well as closing its Vancouver sales office.  They have also stopped offering their longer plans and are forcing customers to sign up on a month-to-month basis.

Please hook up with us on our Google+ Page and let us know if you are still with Mobilicity and has the closing of cell sites caused any disruption in your service…as always,we would love to hear from you.

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Kim Kardashian,Vanessa Hudgens Targeted in Latest Celebrity Photo Hack



Another wave of stolen explicit celebrity photos has reportedly surfaced on 4chan and Reddit.

This time,the celebrities affected include Kim Kardashian,Vanessa Hudgens,Hayden Panettiere,Mary-Kate Olsen,Avril Lavigne and soccer player Hope Solo among others. Jennifer Lawrence,who was a victim of a separate hack earlier this summer,is also reportedly among the stars to fall victim to the hackers’latest exploits.

The photos were allegedly posted first on 4Chan,according to UpRoxx though they were promptly removed by the site’s administrators. The photos were also posted—and subsequently removed—on Reddit Read more…

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