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iSkin for iPad:Best Protective Case iPad Cover
Great Prices on Your Favorite Electronics
Unlimited Calling US/Canada $14.95/mo.

HTC Desire 320 on TELUS as a $100 Prepaid

HTC Desire 320 CAM AHTELUS has very quietly slipped another one of HTC’s entry-level smartphones,the HTC Desire 310,onto its prepaid arsenal for $100 with free shipping and no activation fee –in dark grey only.  It does not appear that it will be offered on contract at all – and rightly so,as it is clearly a prepaid 3G low-end device that HTC seems to be parading as a mid-range device with a list price of $220.  While solidly made,it is a typical cookie-cutter device with rounded corners,is a full 11.25mm thick and weighs in at 140 grams.  You can also pick up the HTC Desire 310 from Future Shop or Best Buy on Koodo for $99.99 as a prepaid as well.  TELUS also offers the HTC Desire 510 LTE model for $0 on a 2-year term or $200 on a no-term.

The Dual-SIM HTC Desire 310 uses a 4.5-inch IPS LCD FWVGA display with a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels,which works out to 218 pixels-per-inch (PPI).  The display is its weak point with very bluish whites,grays – the colors are just a little off overall,and even though it is a LCD display,it is very difficult to see outside in the sunlight.  The camera is a simple 5MP affair with fixed focus and no flash and the front-facing camera (FFC) is only a VGA for a passable selfie for social media.

The Desire 310 uses a MediaTek MT6582M quad-core Cortex-A7 processor clocked at 1.3GHz with a Mali-400MP2 GPU,with 512MB of RAM and only 4GB of internal storage.  The device does have a microSD card slot to add an additional 32GB of internal storage.  It runs Android 4.4 KitKat with HTC’s popular Sense – or a customized version that does not contain all of its components.  A 2100mAh battery powers the device and it should get you through a day or day and a half of 2G or 3G usage – no LTE here.  It comes with Wi-Fi,Bluetooth 4.0 and a microUSB 2.0 port for charging and data transfer.

Please hit us up on our Google+ Page and let us know if an HTC Desire 310 is in your future,or if you have one,what do you think of it…as always,we would love to hear from you.

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Top Dogs Showcase Costumes at 2014 Tompkins Square Halloween Parade



New York’s finest pups marched around in their best costumes Saturday for the 24th annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

Presented by Beggin’Strips dog treats,the event featured hundreds of pooches dressed up in creative costumes

Top dog wins “Best in Show”and total bragging rights at the dog park. Many owners plan their pets’outfits,spending anywhere from hours to months making them (and in the process,putting human costumes to shame).

Mashable attended the parade to sniff out the best Halloween costumes for dogs. Check out our gallery,below:Read more…

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Gnaw,Really? Serial Biter Luis Suarez Makes Barcelona Debut After Ban



Luis Suarez wasted no time making an impact in his first match for FC Barcelona after finishing a four-month ban for biting an opponent at the World Cup this summer.

Suarez was in Barcelona’s starting lineup alongside fellow soccer megastars Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. for the the club’s “El Clasico”rivalry match against hated Real Madrid on Saturday afternoon. He assisted on a goal by Neymar in the match’s fourth minute —but things quickly went downhill from there

But first:That goal. Suarez lobbed a beautiful pass across the pitch to Neymar,who then finished the play to give Barcelona an early 1-0 lead. Read more…

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Googler Alan Eustace breaks parachute jump record from 25 miles up


eustace_jump_01A senior vice president with Google,Alan Eustace,parachuted from about 25 miles above Earth to break the world altitude record for a parachute jump,breaking the speed of sound during his descent in the process.  The jump by Eustace differed in many ways from the successful attempt of Felix Baumgartner from 128,100 feet in 2012,not the least of which may be the relative secrecy surrounding Eustace’s attempt.

Eustace was taken aloft via a helium filled balloon that ascended at speeds up to 1,600 feet per minute. Eustace dangled below the balloon,eventually cutting himself free through the use of a couple small explosive devices. While the ascent took a little over two hours,the fall back to Earth took just 15 minutes. During his fall,Eustace’s speed peaked at 822 miles per hour,creating a sonic boom that could be heard on the ground. Eustace says he did not feel or hear the sonic boom.

After verification,the final altitude submitted to the World Air Sports Federation as the official jump height was 135,890 feet.

The previous record was set as part of a big publicity spectacle by Baumgartner who was carried to altitude in a special capsule backed by millions of dollars in sponsorship money. Eustace chose instead to embark on the three year project and the jump itself in secrecy aided only by a small group that helped design his spacesuit,life-support systems,parachutes and the balloon. Eustace even decided to forego financial support from his employer out of fear that Google may want to turn it into a PR event.

According to Eustace,“it was amazing. It was beautiful. You could see the darkness of space you could see the layers of atmosphere,which I had never seen before.”He also said it was “a wild,wild ride.”Mark Kelly,a former astronaut who viewed Eustace’s ascent,said “there is an incredible amount of risk. To do it safely is a testament to the people involved.”Although Eustace is seen as a risk-taker by his co-workers,they also indicate that he is very passionate about details.

James Hayhurst with the United States Parachute Association says attempts like Eustace’s establish “a little lookout tower at the edge of space that the common man can share.”Would you like to visit the edge of space for a fall back to Earth?

Eustace dangles from a balloon during his ascent.
Eustace lands 70 miles away after falling 25 miles in 15 minutes.

source:NY Times

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13 Ferocious Hybrid Animals to Creep You Out



The first scientist to examine the platypus believed it was a hoax,but the creepy animal was not a hybrid of a duck,beaver and otter —it turned out to be real.

In addition to the living,breathing platypus,there are plenty of fictional hybrid animals dreamed up by digital artists with Photoshop skills and too much time on their hands.

We’re big fans of the subreddit based on hybrid animals,so when artist Sarah DeRemer sent us her animal food mashup,we were excited to learn that she had a stockpile of more “traditional”hybrid animals

Check them out,below:Read more…

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Fitbit Surge Appears On Brookstone Pre-Order Webpage;$249 Fitness Orientated Smartwatch


The wrist-wearable market is hotting up. So far,we’ve seen two main types of device. On one wrist,we have the smartwatch,typically a chunky looking wristwatch with what I’m going to call full blown smartwatch functionality. That means notifications,perhaps voice operation and the ability to control the smartphone that it’s connected to. On the other wrist,we have the band-style unit,typically a fitness or activity logger. We’ve already seen some devices attempt to combine the two –a smartband with limited smartwatch offerings being the usual result. I don’t see anything Apple have produced is going to shake up the market one bit,instead I think it more likely that some of Intel’s products will cause more of a stir such as their smart bracelet. But I am intrigued by some of the cross-pollenation we’re seeing and today I’m going to discuss the Fitbit Surge,which is another hybrid product that’s somewhere between a full blown smartwatch and an activity band unit.

The Brookstone website briefly posted up the pre-order page for this device,although at the time of writing it’s since been removed. It looks as though Fitbit Surge is primarily for the fitness crowd,a more premium product compared with Fitbit’s Flex activity tracker perhaps and it has an expected price tag of $249. It will have some limited smartwatch functionality;call and text notifications being the main areas,plus a means of controlling your device’s music. But most of the Surge’s features are biased towards activity monitoring. It’ll include built-in GPS tracking and the software will provide you with pace,routes,distance and elevation climbed without needing your smartphone with you. The Surge has a built-in heart rate monitor and eight sensors designed to measure activity. As with Fitbit’s other products,the device can monitor sleep and includes statistical analysis to help you set and achieve goals using different types of exercise. That’s a touchscreen you can see on the device. Fitbit state that the device is compatible with the iPhone 4S and later,plus “all leading Android devices.”It’ll work with their Aria WiFi scale and it’s going to be water resistant,too. There’s no word on battery life or availability,but given that the pre-order page was up,we can expect the Surge to be out very soon.

Like I’ve said,the Fitbit Surge slots in between a full blown smartwatch and an activity logger,but it’s closer to a smartwatch. It’s priced alongside Android Wear devices,so it’ll be interesting to see how well the Surge sells (and how long the battery lasts,because surely GPS will chew battery quickly?). What do you think? Do you like the look of it,or do you think it’s too much for too little a product? Hit us up in the comments below.


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The World Series:A Marathon on the Field and Online



SAN FRANCISCO —In the bottom of the second inning of Game 3 of the World Series on Friday night,Hunter Pence of the home team Giants smacked a pitch from Jeremy Guthrie of the Kansas City Royals into the infield. He sprinted toward first base

“That’s a base hit,”Bryan Srabian muttered reflexively from far up in the stands along the left-field line. Sure enough,Pence beat the throw by the blink of an eye. Srabian sprang into action

With a percussive burst of keystrokes on his MacBook Pro,he sent this message out to the Giants’680,000 Twitter followers:Read more…

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Did the Nexus 6 already visit the FCC?


A new posting on reddit linked to an FCC filing that many people think is the new Nexus 6. Opinions are not unanimous though as there appear to be some discrepancies between the information in the FCC filing and information that Motorola and Google have published about the Nexus 6.

In favor of the device being the Nexus 6 are the dimensions shown in an antenna diagram that are very close to what has been advertised. The FCC filing lists the device as 83 x 159.4 mm in size while the Nexus 6 product page lists the Nexus 6 as 82.98 x 159.26 mm.

On the other hand,there are quite a few differences in wireless bands listed on the FCC report compared to the published bands that Google is advertising. Google lists LTE bands 3 and 29,while neither of these show in the FCC filing. However,LTE band 3 is not used in the U.S. and band 29 is a downlink only band that the FCC may not be concerned with. The FCC filing also fails to list GSM bands 900 and 1800 that Googles lists the device as having,nor do WCDMA bands 1 and 8. Finally,Google and Motorola indicate the Nexus 6 has Bluetooth 4.1 while the FCC listing indicates the device has Bluetooth 4.0.

Whatever the device is in the FCC reports,it has been approved and should be showing up soon. The Nexus 6 is scheduled to go on pre-order in the U.S. starting on October 29th,so the timing does seem to be consistent.

On a slightly related note,UK tech writer Paul O’Brien tweeted earlier this week that U.K. buyers interested in the Nexus 6 will have to wait until at least December to get the device.


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New Jersey Health Care Worker Tests Negative for Ebola in Initial Test,Criticizes Treatment



A health care worker with a recent history of treating Ebola patients in West Africa,and who was quarantined,has tested negative for the disease in a preliminary test,the New Jersey Department of Health announced Saturday.

The patient arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport on Friday. The individual had no symptoms upon arrival,but later developed a fever while quarantined at the airport. The New Jersey Department of Health said the patient was transferred from the airport’s quarantine station to Newark’s University Hospital for “evaluation and isolation.”

Doctors at the hospital “continue to monitor the patient and consult with the Department of Health and the CDC on patient evaluation and any potential need for additional testing,”it said,adding that the individual will remain “under mandatory quarantine for 21 days and will be closely monitored by public health officials.”Read more…

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Lenovo Smartband SW-B100 Showing On Lenovo’s Website


Lenovo are one of the more interesting Android manufacturers and the reason why is partially because they’re not afraid to try something different and secondly,because they’re in the process of buying Motorola from Google. Lenovo (and Motorola if we go back a few years) have something of a focus towards battery life –witness the Yoga 10 HD+,which is an interesting device. It appears to take design cues from disparate devices,such as the Apple wireless keyboard,combined reasonable but not bleeding edge hardware and the same size battery as the Nexus 10,giving the tablet superb battery life. I am excited to see what Lenovo do with the Motorola brand and how they enter the smartphone market. Today’s article,however,is about their new Smartband,the SW-B100 but again they’re bringing something to the market that appears to have very good battery life.

This Smartband does not run Android Wear but includes a number of smart features. Lenovo’s website details these as including exercise,activity and sleep tracking,which can be collated and displayed on a daily,weekly and monthly basis using the smartphone companion application. It can also be used as a call and text message alert showing the number or name,plus it can notify the wearing of appointments or an exercise reminder. The final feature of the Smartband is the ability to unlock computers and devices by being in proximity,which is one of those nifty little features that is easily dismissed until you’ve tried it! You’ll need at least Android 4.3 or iOS 7.1 later in order to run the companion application,which we’ve not see yet. Nor do we know if it’ll run with Google Fit;in fact,the website doesn’t give us much in the way of detail! We can see that it’s going to be available in at least blue and grey but no price as of yet. We don’t know the size and type of screen that’s on the band but we do know that it’s designed to have a week long battery life and activity memory,just like the Fitbit Flex. The difference here is that the Lenovo offering does a lot more than the Flex.

It’s interesting how the wrist-wearable market is developing. On one wrist,we have our typical smartwatches and on the other,we have our smartbands,or fitness trackers. The Lenovo offering straddles these offerings,bringing a less sophisticated product to the market compared with the full blown smartwatch,but something that does more than the traditional activity monitor. The trade off so far appears to be between functionality,price and battery life. It’s a fast moving marketplace too;I’m excited to see what is released this time next year.

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Fallen Canadian Soldier’s Emotional Journey Home



The procession for the body of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo traveled from Ottawa to the fallen Canadian soldier’s hometown of Hamilton,Ontario,along the Highway of Heroes on Friday

Renamed in 2007,the highway is a stretch of Ontario’s Highway 401 that runs from Trenton,Ontario,to Toronto,and commemorates Canadian soldiers who have died,according to CTV News

Crowds of people,many carrying Canadian flags,gathered on overpasses Friday to pay their respects to Cirillo. Gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau,32,shot and killed Cirillo at Ottawa’s National War Memorial,before firing shots inside a Parliament building on Wednesday. Read more…

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Deal:LG G Pad 8.3 16GB for Verizon – $194.99

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 12.43.17 PM

Today,Groupon has a pretty nice deal for a refurbished LG G Pad 8.3 on Verizon. It’s going for $194.99,which is a pretty decent price for this tablet. Where the Wifi model is going for around $250 right now. And this one has LTE.

With its slim and lightweight design,the LG G Pad is easy to grip with one hand,giving it the feel of an oversize smartphone. Yet a wealth of features,starting with a slim display bezel for near edge-to-edge viewing,make the tablet capable of much bigger performance than its size may suggest.


LG G Pad 8.3 16GB for Verizon –$194.99

The post Deal:LG G Pad 8.3 16GB for Verizon –$194.99 appeared first on AndroidHeadlines.com |.

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Google Nexus 6 Passes Through the FCC,Finally

AH Nexus 6 Lollipop

It looks like Google tried to keep the leaks down this year by not pushing their new Nexus hardware through the FCC until after it was announced. But obviously that didn’t work. But the Nexus Player passed through the FCC last weekend,and now we’re looking at the Nexus 6 passing through the FCC today,ahead of it’s October 29th pre-order date. There’s really not much else to say,but we’re definitely excited to get our pre-orders on,starting October 29th. Even though it’s a $650 smartphone,it definitely is a high-end device,compared to the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. Now that LG’s Nexus’were bad or anything. They just had to skimp in some areas to get a Nexus for under $350.

The Nexus 6 from Motorola has a 5.9-inch 2560×1440 resolution AMOLED display,Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor,3GB of RAM,32GB or 64GB of storage,3220mAh battery inside,with a 13MP camera on the back. Doing some detective work,it’s actually the same sensor that’s in the OnePlus One,which takes some pretty amazing pictures,actually. Of course,it’s running Android 5.0 –Lollipop. Which was announced just last week. The OTA hasn’t started hitting yet,but we should see that on November 3rd,so just over a week away.

Unlike previous Nexus devices,this one is huge. And Google is also going to continue selling the Nexus 5 alongside it. Which is great because not everyone wants a 5.9-inch smartphone and not everyone wants to pay nearly $700 for a new smartphone,or sign a contract to get one from a carrier. Pre-orders start this week,so how many of you are planning on getting your pre-order in? I know I’ll be getting mine in there,as soon as possible. If you are pre-ordering,let us know which capacity and color you’re planning on getting. Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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40 Hidden Messages in Famous Brand Logos



A killer logo design is clever,but subtle. From FedEx’s famous purple-and-orange logo to NBC’s colorful peacock,successful branding often features clever hidden messages within minimalist designs.

And while the price to create a trademark symbol varies between companies (Nike famously paid only $35 for its iconic “swoosh”),designs that cleverly convey a brand’s identity is at the core of every great logo.

Oomph analyzed 40 logos with hidden messages that reveal key details about brand histories,products and motives.



Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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Amazon makes appstore for Android obsolete

Amazon-Fire-Phone-AH-Headliner (1)

Amazon has always had its own App Store for Android,but to get it,you had to go jump through some hoops,which involved making sure that your device would allow apps outside of the Google Play Store to be installed on your device (which can be done by going to your device’s security settings),heading over to Amazon,downloading the app,and installing it,all before you could download apps from the store itself. The reason for this is because the app has been banned from the Google Play Store as it offers an alternative to Google’s own app store,so of course Google didn’t want to make it easier for users to seek out new alternatives.

However,it has been recently discovered that Amazon has made their App Store obsolete by packaging the functionality of it into their main Amazon app. Six weeks ago,the company released an update to their Amazon app which included the ability to stream Prime Video from your device. Amazon was quite vocal about this but didn’t tell us that it had also included an app store in the app itself.

This feature has flown under the radar for those six weeks but has come to light now,as users have begun to discover that there is an option for downloading apps and games from the main Amazon app in the slide-in navigation drawer to the left of the app. However,though this makes it easier for people to have the app store on their devices,users will still have to make sure that their devices are set to install apps outside of the Google Play Store.

What this essentially means is that Amazon sneaked in a complete app store under Google’s nose. The main Amazon shopping app has been downloaded 50 –100 million times,according to the Google Play Store itself,which means that Amazon may just have gained a lot more users than it had before. Now that this information is out,it’ll be interesting to see whether or not Google will take steps towards banning this or not.

Download the Amazon app from the Google Play Store now,if you haven’t already.

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Featured:Top 10 Best Battery Packs for the Moto G (2014)

Moto G

The Moto G 2014 doesn’t have a removable battery,but it does have a pretty good sized battery that should get you through the day. However,if you aren’t able to get through the day. There’s plenty of other battery packs here for you to check out.

EasyAcc EasyAcc 10000mAh Brilliant Ultra Slim Dual USB,Portable Power Bank


A unique look that will let you stand out from the crowd:More than just a power bank,it?s for the colorful. Shape:Compact design,super portable,easy to hold in your hand and put anywhere your want,e.g. a pocket or bag. 10000mAh rechargeable power capacity,giving your phone enough juice to keep it running (5-6 full charges to your iPhone 5 or 2.5-3.5 charges for Samsung Galaxy S4,S3). Dual USB output:Charge two smartphones or an iPad at full speed (USB Output 1:5V 2.1A,USB Output 2:5V 1.5A);advanced power lock technology with standby time of up to 6 months once fully charged. Portable Charger:Suitable for a wide range of occasions,such as parties,BBQs,and outdoor activities like camping,mountain climbing,and picnics.

EasyAcc EasyAcc 10000mAh Brilliant Ultra Slim Dual USB (2.1A / 1.5A Output) Portable Power Bank External Battery Charger (PB10000C)

Anker® 2nd Gen Astro E3 10000mAh Dual-Port Ultra Compact External Battery


PowerIQ™ technology maximizes compatibility with Android,Apple or other devices by enabling charge speeds of up to 3 amps overall or 3 amps per port. 10000 mAh of capacity charges an iPhones four+ times or large-capacity phones like the Galaxy S4 more than twice. At only 0.59in thick,it’s ideal for grab-n-go use. 4 LEDs display just how much juice you’ve got left. Reliable lithium polymer core ensures quality and supplies 500+ lifetime charge cycles. Input:5V / 2A;Use a 2A adapter (not included) for fastest charge times (6 hours).

Anker® 2nd Gen Astro E3 10000mAh Dual-Port Ultra Compact External Battery Portable USB Charger Power Bank –PowerIQ™ Broad Compatibility,Fast Charging,High Capacity –For iPhone 5s 5c 5,iPad Air mini,Galaxy S5 S4,Tab 2,Note 3 2,LG G3,Nexus,HTC One M8,MOTO X,PS Vita and More (Black)

Anker® Astro Mini 3000mAh Ultra-Compact Portable Charger


PowerIQ™ technology maximizes compatibility with Android,Apple and other devices by enabling charge speeds of up to 1 amp. Add more than a full charge or over 7 hours talktime to an iPhone,almost a full charge to a Galaxy S5 or 1 full charge (70+ hours of audio playback) with most other phones. Stylish,lipstick-shaped,aluminum design (3.5 × 0.9 × 0.9in,2.7oz) fits easily into any pocket or bag. Samsung Grade A cells and premium microchips ensure reliability and safety. Charge time:3-4 hours via AC 0.8 amp adapter (not included).

Anker® Astro Mini 3000mAh Ultra-Compact Portable Charger Lipstick-Sized External Battery Power Bank with PowerIQ™ Technology for iPhone 5S,5C,5,4S,Galaxy S5,S4,S3,Note 3,Nexus 4,HTC One,One 2 (M8),Nokia Lumia 520,1020,most other Smartphones –Black

EC TECHNOLOGY® New 22400mAh Portable Ultra-high Density External Battery Pack Backup Charger


High Capacity:22400mAh Lithium_ion battery;Samsung Grade A Cells,500 + recharge cycles over the life of the battery. Charges all iPhone 10-12 times,Galaxy S4 5-7 times,or an iPad mini 3-5times. Super-fast charge output (5V / 3.1A total) through dual USB ports (5V / 2.1A and 5V / 1A) allow for simultaneous charging of your iPad,iPhone,Android,and more at high speed. Input:5V/ 2A. Intelligent power manage IC,overcharge protection,short circuit protection. 4 smart LEDs display remaining power,built-in flashlight for dark or low-light environments,can light up 20+ meters. Dimensions:6.29 x 0.86 x 3.14inches.

EC TECHNOLOGY® New 22400mAh Portable Ultra-high Density External Battery Pack Backup Charger For iPhone 5S 5C 5 (Lightning Adapter Not Included) –Red/Black

Limefuel LP150X 15,000mAh Battery pack


High capacity 15,000mAh Lithium-ion battery charges two devices simultaneously. Input:5V/1A (max),Outputs:5V/1A and 2.1A (max). Universally compatible. Auto-on and auto-off preserves battery charge. Digital display indicates exact level of charge. Perfect battery pack for everyday use,travel,camping or hiking,emergencies,commuters and families. Stylish design with built-in safety flashlight. Compact form fits into any bag,backpack,purse or pocket. Measures 5.8 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches and weighs only 12 ounces. Grade A battery cells and high quality circuitry provide protection against short circuit,anti-discharge protection,anti-overcurrent protection and anti-explosion protections. 500+ lifetime use cycles

USB External Battery Pack 15000mAh 5V/2.1A (Black Limefuel Lite LP150X) Charger with Flashlight for iPad Air,Mini,iPhone 5S,5C,5,4S,Galaxy S5,S4,S3,Note 3,Nexus 4,5,7,10,HTC One,One 2 (M8),Motorola Droid,LG G2,G3,MOTO X,G,E

LimeFuel LP130,13,000mAh Battery Pack


Speed charging 2A input significantly shortens charging time;Limefuel Blast batteries can charge twice as fast as other external batteries on the market. Ultra high capacity 13,000mAh Lithium battery charges two mobile devices simultaneously. Perfect for travel,camping or hiking,emergencies,commuters and families. New circuit design features intelligent output ports! Android,Apple,smartphone or tablet;plug into either port. These universally compatible outputs deliver full speed charging to all devices. 5V/2.4A max/port,5V/4.2A output total. Pass-through charging charges devices while battery pack is being charged! Stylish design with smudge-resistant rubber finish and built-in safety flashlight. Compact form fits into any bag,backpack,purse or pocket. Measures 4.5 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches and weighs only 11.4 ounces.

USB External Battery Pack 13000mAh 5V/4.2A (Black Limefuel Blast L130X) Charger with Flashlight for iPad Air,Mini,iPhone 5S,5C,5,4S,Galaxy S5,S4,S3,Note 3,Nexus 4,5,7,10,HTC One,One 2 (M8),Motorola Droid,LG G2,G3,MOTO X,G,E

UNU Ultrapak Tour 10000mAh USB External Battery Pack


Fast-charging technology charges the Ultrapak in as little as 15 minutes to give all-day power. Ultra-portable design with rubberized frame for improved handling and added shock-absorbing protection.
A powerful reserve of energy (10000mAh) in a power crisis,for the times you need it most Smart LED Screen with power indicator shows remaining charging times in minutes and current power levels within 1%. Dual-port USB for charging two devices simultaneously and an integrated flashlight for nighttime use or during an emergency.

UNU Ultrapak Tour 10000mAh USB External Battery Pack 8X Fast Charging Backup Power Charger 

Tylt ENERGI 10K Battery Pack with 3 Unviersal USB Ports

Tylt-Energi-Battery-Packs-AH (21)

10,400mAh battery will fully charge your smartphone four times. Smart Detect Technology ensures compatibility with any smartphone and tablet. Universal USB port makes it compatible with most smart phones and tablets.

Tylt ENERGI 10K Battery Pack with 3 Unviersal USB Ports –Retail Packaging –Blue

Anker® 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 20000mAh 4-Port Aluminum Portable External Battery Charger


The Anker® Advantage:Join the 6 million+ powered by Amazon’s #1 charging brand. Exclusive PowerIQ™ Technology:Detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 3 amps,plus additional 9/12V port. Max speed of 4.5 amps through four ports. Incredible Capacity:Charges the iPhone 5s ten times,the Galaxy S5 almost six times,the iPad Air almost twice and other tablets multiple times. Ultra Efficient:Energy efficiency 10% above the previous generation and many other brands maximizes usable power. Recharges in just 4-5 hours using the included 100-240 volt adapter.

Anker® 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 20000mAh 4-Port Aluminum Portable External Battery Charger with 9V/12V Multi-Voltage Port and PowerIQ™ Technology for iPad Air mini,iPhone 6 5s 5c 5;Galaxy S5 S4,Tab 2,Note,Nexus,MOTO X,G,LG Optimus,HTC One,PS Vita and More

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Jack Bruce,Bassist for Supergroup Cream,Dead at 71



Jack Bruce,the bassist for legendary rock supergroup Cream,has died. He was 71

Bruce’s family announced his death via Facebook and the musician’s official website.

“It is with great sadness that we,Jack’s family,announce the passing of our beloved Jack:husband,father,granddad and all-round legend,”the statement said. “The world of music will be a poorer place without him,but he lives on in his music and forever in our hearts.”

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Deal:HP Chromebook 14 with 4GB of RAM – $229

AH HP Chrome Chromebook 14-3hrome

Right now,Amazon still has an amazing deal on the HP Chromebook 14. Now there are a few models. There’s the 2GB of RAM model and also the 4GB of RAM model. This is for the 4GB of RAM model which makes it a really amazing deal. Also there’s 4G LTE in here,so that you can get free LTE for life from T-Mobile. It’s only 200MB,but considering it’s free,it’s hard to pass that up. You can grab one from the link down below.

HP Chromebook 14,4GB of RAM,4G LTE –$229.99

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha A3 Passed Through FCC Certification


We’ve already seen that the Samsung Galaxy Alpha A3 has been through the Chinese TENAA certification process and today’s news is that it’s visited the FCC,giving us another look at the specification of the device. From what we understand,the Galaxy A3 is the entry level device in Samsung’s three aluminium-framed smartphones,which also includes the A5 and A7. And as with the other Alpha branded products,the A3 is on the face of it more about design and ease of use than it is about bleeding edge specification. The Galaxy A3 is based around a 4.5-inch screen with a resolution of 960 by 540 pixels,also known as qHD (not to be confused with QHD,which we find on the Nexus 6). Samsung have given the A3 the Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor,which is a 1.2 GHz quad core 64-bit processor. It’s paired up with 1 GB of RAM and there’s 8 GB of onboard internal storage plus a MicroSD card,which you’re almost certainly going to want to use if you take advantage of the 8 MP rear camera and 5 MP front facing camera. The device runs Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat under the Samsung TouchWiz interface.

Samsung’s decision to use the Snapdragon 410 is a wise one. The 410 is Qualcomm’s entry level 64-bit new generation processor,which promises to be more efficient and more powerful than the outgoing Snapdragon 400. The 400 is the same chipset that powers handsets such as the Moto G or the Lenovo Yoga 10 HD+;it may be a lower powered processor with a lean towards battery efficiency but it’s a true trooper of the recent smartphone industry! The 410 is likely to be somewhere around 33% more powerful running 32-bit code and will sip less battery. The only thing that may hold the A3 back is only having 1 GB of RAM,but I suspect that the device will perform admirably running Android 4.4. I also expect Samsung to release Android 5.0 Lollipop for the A3 (and the entire Galaxy Alpha range) and this should improve things further.

I should also highlight the A3’s small and slim design. It’s only 6.9mm thick (thin?) and weighs just 112 grams. Combine that with the aluminum frame and the Galaxy A3 is going to feel delightful in the hand;I suspect the A3 is going to be a strong seller for Samsung throughout 2015. It’s great to see Samsung chasing design rather than raw specification and I’m looking forward to handling the A3 when it’s released in the UK.

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Meizu Sales Increase Manifold After The MX4 Tastes Success

Meizu-MX4-03Meizu has traditionally been a company that doesn’t believe in competition;it goes about its own thing without taking into consideration the surrounding market. This ploy may have worked for the Chinese company for the first few years,but with more and more companies offering phones at subsidized prices,Meizu’s sales took a beating. Then Meizu re-thought its plans,chalked out a solid scheme to push their latest —the Meizu MX4 —at a price lower than any other Meizu smartphone at launch at just 1799 Yuan (US$290).

Along with making its latest phone more affordable,Meizu also took efforts to make it available to a larger section of the audience;the MX4 is the first Meizu phone to be made available to international buyers. Although sales are carried out only online,which means you can’t buy yourself a spanking new MX4 from the store down the street. they have played a crucial part in increasing Meizu’s brand awareness. We too spent some quality hands on time with the device,which you can read about here.

A report from China has just come in,which points to the quantitative success Meizu has managed. The company has been selling a massive 600,000 smartphones a month,which is quite a number especially when you consider that it hardly sold that many phones prior to the Meizu MX4. The report also claims that Meizu is looking at sales numbers of 2 million units per month for the coming months,which only goes to show how focused Meizu it at expanding its business.

The MX4 was launched last month with a 5.4-inch 1080p display,a MediaTek MT6595 CPU (it is the first phone to ship with the SoC),2 GB of RAM,16 / 32 / 64 GB of storage,a 20.7 MP rear camera,a 2 MP front camera and a 3100 mAh battery. There’s at least one more variant of the MX4 in the pipeline,the MX4 Pro. As you would guess from the name,this one’s supposed to be a notch over the MX4 with a more powerful CPU,a fingerprint reader,and more. Meizu are also said to be working on a 1000 Yuan (US$160) phone,most likely to compete with the Hongmi series of Xiaomi.

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