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Google Executive Megan Smith Plucked to Head White House CTO

Megan Smith Google Exec

The Chief Technology Officer is an executive level position that focuses on science and technology issues within an organization – none may be as important as the White House CTO.  Created by President Obama with the notion of creating jobs using applied technology,reduce the cost of health care,increase American’s access to broadband and to keep the nation secure – quite a tall order!  Aneesch Chopra was the nation’s first CTO in 2009,followed by Todd Park in 2012,and now Vice President of Google’s research lab/think tank,Google X,Megan Smith will be only the third person to hold this title.  Certainly,a needed position for our nation,but nobody really knows what will happen to it once Obama leaves in early 2017.

Todd Park stepped down to return with his family to Silicon Valley – he will help recruit technology talent for government positions.  There were a few candidates in the running,but Bloomberg previously reported that Megan Smith was a “top candidate” for the position.  Twitter General Counsel,Alex Macgillvray,was also in the mix – he too was from Google before moving to Twitter.  Also in the running was former LinkedIn executive,DJ Patil,now head of product at RelateIQ.

Ms. Smith should be well qualified for the job – Google X is the source where many ambitious projects were born,such as Google’s driverless car,Internet-broadcasting high-altitude balloons and Google Glass.  This is certainly not the same type of role she will play at the White House,but her Google experiences should serve her well in the wide range of problems and broad mandate she will be facing in automating the U.S.  Before she was with Google X,she led their business development and before that,the company’s Google.org philanthropic arm. Even though the U.S is advanced in the technical fields, it is growing at such a fast pace new ideas and updated infrastructure are necessary.  Students and adults need to be properly educated to handle the upcoming advances in technology – and the Obama administration recognizes the importance of having a National CTO to guide our programs to make sure that we are ready to tackle the next decade and beyond.

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Shakespeare Meets Top 40 Music in ‘Pop Sonnets’



William Shakespeare,meet 2014 pop music.

That’s the premise behind music Tumblr Pop Sonnets from blogger Erik Didricksen. Didriksen channels Shakespeare’s eloquence by rewriting modern day pop music,putting an English Renaissance twist on some of your favorite summer jams

The Bard of Avon himself would be proud as a simple hook like Ariana Grande’s “I got one less problem without you”becomes something as eloquent as “Too fanciful to learn,should we part/the load of problems’d lift off my heart.”

Below are some of our favorite of Didricksen’s rewrites. You can check out more Pop Sonnets on Tumblr. Read more…

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Verizon’s @DroidLanding Twitter account awakens from slumber before Motorola’s launch event


Verizon has used the @DroidLanding Twitter account since 2010 to post cryptic messages regarding the release of different DROID devices.

Seeing as the release of the newest Motorola DROID devices are imminent (Motorola has a scheduled event for Sept. 4),the Verizon employees running the account took to the page to send out a new tweet,about nine months since its last tweet.

The message read,“Reactivation fast approaching,wait and see.”

We don’t have any confirmed information yet regarding what will be unveiled,but we highly expect to see a new line of DROID devices to take over for the Ultra/Maxx/Mini. The Moto X+1 and Moto 360 will also be fully unveiled with in-depth information as well.

Stay tuned on Thursday —it should be a very eventful week.


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Anonymous New Yorkers Upset over Attorney General Info Grab Sue Airbnb



An anonymous group of roughly two dozen New York Airbnb hosts,who call themselves “New Yorkers Making Ends Meet in the Sharing Economy,”sued the San Francisco-based company Tuesday to prevent their private information from being released to the state’s attorney general

The group claims the release would be a violation of their privacy,according to the lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court.

Airbnb,an online marketplace for people to list and book unique accommodations,provided non-redacted information on 107 hosts who had listed multiple apartments on the site to the attorney general on Tuesday,a source familiar with the case told Mashable. The information included names,contact information,host and listing IDs,and rental and payment information. Read more…

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Google Glass Is Just One Of Many Smart Eyewear Devices Available To Developers

AH Google Glass

While the wearables market continues to heat up with new gadgets,among the list of the most popular and sought after by the tech crowd being smartwatches,fitness trackers,and smart eyewear,Google Glass is easily one of the most well known when it comes to the wearable scene. It may not be the most attainable at this point,but it certainly has quite a following and that will only continue to grow. Google Glass was initially meant for developers when it hit the scene during its first stages,but now anybody with a desire to pony up the $1,500 to buy a pair and see what they can do with them are able to do so. Google Glass is not the only smart eyewear out there though,and developers who are looking to get their hands on a piece of head worn tech have a bigger list of options than you might think.

While Google Glass is the most stylish at this point and it is a Google product so there are plenty of talented developers who wish to work with it and create some amazing software for use with the device,but developers are no longer limited to just Glass. This opens up the capabilities for a wider range of great apps and software uses for smart eyewear,and in the end will only foster some competition. As Fierce Developer points Epson is one of the other leading companies forging a path into the world of wearable glasses with their Moverio BT-200 smart glasses,which just recently opened up their developer program to more potential individuals looking to participate.

The Moverio BT-200 are also a little more equipped than Google Glass with heads up displays for both eyes,it’s also set up for 3D effects and overlay images,which will only give developers more tools to work with. There are other wearable smart glasses as well,such as the smart glasses from Vuzix that are setting their sights on a niche market like the medical and construction industries,providing workers with devices that can assist them in their everyday jobs,something we have heard plenty about already with Google Glass implementations,which just goes to show that Google Glass is but one option in an area where there are obviously many interested parties. These are just a couple of other alternatives,but there are others and the market may very well only continue to expand as it heats up,which is likely to happen as Google prepares to make Glass available mainstream.

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DNA Evidence Frees 2 Men Imprisoned for 30 Years



LUMBERTON,N.C. —A North Carolina judge overturned the convictions Tuesday of two men who have served 30 years in prison for the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl after another man’s DNA was recently discovered on evidence in the case.

Superior Court Judge Douglass Sasser ordered the immediate release of Henry McCollum,50,and Leon Brown,46. The half brothers were convicted in the 1983 slaying of Sabrina Buie in Robeson County. Both are mentally disabled.

Lawyers for the men petitioned for their release after DNA evidence from a cigarette butt recovered at the crime scene pointed to another man. That man,who lived close to the soybean field where the dead girl’s body was found,is already serving a life sentence for a similar rape and murder that happened less than a month later. Read more…

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The Celebrity Photo Hack Goes Far Beyond iCloud



The cache of stolen celebrity photographs,including nudes of stars Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton,may have only surfaced on Sunday,but evidence suggests the thefts are bigger than just iCloud and could go back years.

That bolsters Apple’s claim that the thefts are not the result of a system-wide attack on Apple’s servers but instead targeted,malicious attacks on celebrities and their associates.

At this point,it still isn’t clear what attack vector was used in these thefts. Security experts Mashable spoke with say it’s likely that a combination of various attacks took place over a long period of time. Read more…

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Sprint’s Boost Mobile September Deal Gives Double Data At A $5 Price Cut


Sprint has had quite a hard time of it over the last few months with both users and analysts choosing not to support the US carrier. Since Softbank purchased Sprint back in 2013 many expected to see dramatic and overwhelming changes however this has not really come to fruition. Since 2014 began,Sprint has attempted to make significant changes to their price plans but seem to be unable to stick to or maintain any of them,with newer plans constantly being advertised. Back in January Sprint launched their ‘Framily Plan’ which in a nutshell meant a user could purchase their baseline package (calls,text and data) for $70 a month. However,for every family member which joined the Framily the plan for each individual would decrease and continue to decrease for each additional member. This did not seem to go down too well and by August Sprint abandoned the Framily plan for their new ‘Family Share Pack’. Instead of having to add family members now users can simply choose a data amount (for instance 20GB for $100) and this is shared among the family. Of course,there are additional per-device charges to remember.

So they were the family plans but what about those of us without a family. Well in August Sprint also launched an Unlimited individual plan which basically offered users unlimited everything for a flat-fee of $60 which was notably $20 cheaper than the alternative carriers. Sounds good! Well,analysts did not seem too keen on the idea suggesting $20 saved does not compensate for the rest of the poor Sprint services and coverage.

September is now finally upon us and what do you know it is now time for the newest Sprint marketing price plan and again this one is aimed at the individual. This promotion is aimed at Sprint’s pre-paid Boost Mobile brand and is quite simple to understand. Boost is(for a limited time)offering a reduction on their plan costs while doubling the amount of data you actually get. So now users can choose between three options. The first is $35 per month and users receive unlimited voice,texting and 1 GB data. In contrast this was previously $5 more at $40 for 500MB data. The second offers unlimited voice,texting and 5 GB of data for $45 per month. Again this was previously $50 for 2.5GB data. The last option is $55 per month for unlimited voice,texting and 10 GB of data which again used to be $60 for 5GB data. The promotion will run from September 3rd for two months ending on Nov 3rd. After this we are informed the prices will return to their $5 higher price again for half the data. Whether this promotion will be more warmly received than the previous ones is yet to be determined. Either way at the moment on Sprint you can get double the data for $5 less. Not bad whichever way you look at it. Anyone interested?

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Apple Investors Shrug Off iCloud Hacks



The hacking over the weekend of iCloud accounts for Jennifer Lawrence,Kate Upton and about 100 other celebs didn’t faze Apple investors

At the close of trading on Tuesday —the first day back since the incident came to light —Apple’s stock was up about 1%. The news that Apple was teaming up with Visa and MasterCard for an iPhone wallet appears to have overshadowed any potential blowback from consumers about the safety of iCloud.

Apple has maintained that iCloud’s security is not to blame. None of the cases it investigated “resulted from any breach in any of Apple’s systems including iCloud or Find my iPhone,”according to a statement from the company. Apple is “continuing to work with law enforcement to help identify the criminals involved,”the statement continued Read more…

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The Top 10 Reasons Apple Rejects Apps From the App Store



For many developers,the most stressful part of launching a new app is waiting for Apple‘s approval. This critical final step can delay an otherwise precisely timed release or present other last-minute hurdles for developers who have already spent weeks or months on development.

Though Apple already has a detailed set of guidelines for developers,the company explained common issues with App Store submissions in a new post on its site for developers.

The company revealed the top 10 reasons apps get rejected from the App Store during the final week of August. While some issues,such as crashes and bugs,are obvious,others are less glaring and may come as a surprise to developers. Read more…

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Could 2015 Finally Be the Wii U’s Year?



Let’s face it,it’s been a tough two years for the Wii U. But fans of the console may finally be rewarded this holiday and into 2015 —Nintendo confirmed in a tweet Monday that some of its biggest franchises would come to Wii U in 2015.

The console’s first year was marked with very few game releases. Die-hard fans who purchased the console at launch were rewarded with whole stretches of time with no new games. The following year was better,with standout hits like Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8,but still didn’t necessarily offer a wide enough lineup of titles

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Press image of Sony’s Xperia Z3 and SmartBand Talk leaks


Two devices from Sony are exposed in the image above. The smartphone in the woman’s is the Xperia Z3 and the wearable on her wrist is the SmartBand Talk. The Xperia Z3 is shown in copper and the handset will also be available in black,white,and mint green. An image showing the color options can be seen after the break. The SmartBand Talk on the model’s wrist has an interface that does resemble something from Android Wear. And the image above confirms the curved e-ink display for this fitness tracker.


Source:Xperia Blog

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CeeLo Green’s Rape Tweets Spark Backlash:‘Disgusting Piece of Trash’



After pleading no contest to felony drug charges on Friday for allegedly sneaking ecstasy into a woman’s drink in 2012,CeeLo Green posted several controversial tweets

His comments,which were replies to other Twitter users,referenced rape (“where is your plausible proof anyone was raped”) and discussed consensual sex (“”if someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH implies consent”).

The singer’s tweets have since been deleted,and his account was temporarily deactivated,but people took screenshots before they were removed Read more…

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Zumper Helps Consumers Find Apartments And Homes For Rent More Easily


Sometimes apartment hunting can be a loathsome and time consuming task,and while you can’t really do much to speed up and expedite the hunting process,you can at least make a great attempt to get rid of the loathsome part of it. While it isn’t the first app of its kind to delve into this particular space,a new app that just landed on the Play Store called Zumper can help would be new tenants search for,find,and apply for that perfect new place to call home. Gone are the old ways of trying to find a new apartment or home to rent or own. In this digital age,nearly everything can be done from an app on our smartphones and tablets,or through a website accessed through the browser on those devices.

Zumper is the Real Estate company behind the app,a startup aimed at making life easier for those looking for a new place to live. Initially they started by creating tools to help assist the professionals in the real estate business,but have since expanded their offerings to assist consumers as well. Probably the most arduous part of the apartment hunting experience has been filling out each and every application during the entire process. Zumper’s new app does away with this by letting users fill out the application and credit report one time and then keeping it stored for submission to brokers property managers when needed.

This saves consumers plenty of time by not having to fill out each and every form,which already makes the experience less daunting. It not only saves time though as it also saves the consumer some of their hard earned cash,something that can be put to much better use like say,saving it for future rent payments perhaps. To file each credit report(for each place users plan on applying to)the consumer only has to part with $10,and filling out the application is completely free of charge. The last apartment application I filled out cost me $50,and that was without the credit report. That was also a few years back. Suffice it to say Zumper is a wonderful looking app that can only get better with time. As it stands they have 500,000 active rental listings,which may seem small but that number should hopefully grow in the years to come. Surprisingly,I found it rather easy to use and found a good number of listings in my local  and surrounding areas.

Zumper Zumper Zumper

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Sony’s Copper Xperia Z3 And Smartband With Alleged E-Ink Display Leak Out



Sony’s IFA press event may still be about a day away,that doesn’t mean we can’t feast our eyes on some new stuff that they’ll likely be showing off at the event tomorrow. Thought to be there are a few highly anticipated devices from the Japanese company,like the new Xperia Z3,Z3 compact,Tablet Z3 compact and the new smartwatch 3 as well as a new smartband. There have already been a number of leaks of both the new Xperia Z3 and the Z3 compact(we saw some Z3 compact images leak out just yesterday)and today we seem to have stumbled upon some new leaks of both the Sony Xperia Z3 and the new smartband which they should be unveiling tomorrow.

The Smartband is what we’ll talk about first here as it’s probably the least obvious due to its small size compared to the giant Z3 right next to it,although it still easy to see. The smartband is black,and it seems to have a curved e-ink display on it which appears to be showing off the time as well as a possible step counter depicted by the image of a person walking. Sony’s last smartband had no display at all so this is quite an interesting change,perhaps they want an easier way for their users to interact with it,or at least see relative stats without having to pull out there phone that it’s connected to.

The other part of the image which is impossible to ignore,is the copper colored Xperia Z3 being used by the model that’s wearing the smartband. On the one side we can see the same pogo pin connectors that we pointed out on yesterday’s image leaks of the Z3 compact,likely meant for use with a charging dock. In all honesty there really isn’t anything new here to learn as we’ve seen leaked images that pointed out specific details like the camera and the phones open ports,design etc. before. The point of this image is just to advertise the Z3 in a copper color being made available and perhaps to tease the smartband before the event tomorrow. The phone looks rather nice,even it only has a few minor tweaks to the design,most notably the slightly more rounded edges of the device frame.

Xperia-Z3-Copper-new-crop Xperia-Z3-Copper-crop-640x779 New-Smart-Band-640x538

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Samsung SM-A500 makes another appearance online


A few days ago the Samsung SM-A500 turned up on the Bluetooth SIG web site after getting its certification from that group. The device is part of a new series of phones from Samsung based on the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. A new sighting of the device on the GFXBench site gives us much more information about the SM-A500. According to the information on GFXBench,the SM-A500 will have a 4.8-inch screen running at 1280 x 720 resolution. That is slightly larger than the Galaxy Alpha’s 4.7-inch screen. The smartphone appears to be driven by a Snapgradon 410 processor running at 1.19 GHz. This is not the most powerful of processors,but it does come with support for 64-bit computing,so it should be able to tap into the benefits of Android L.

The SM-A500 as tested was equipped with 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. The rear-facing camera is listed as a 12 MP unit while the front-facing camera is a 4.7 MP shooter.

Expect to see more of this device leak over the coming weeks,along with siblings SM-A300 and SM-A700.


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Should You Click on Those Nude Celeb Photos? A Flowchart for Everyone on the Internet



If you’re not sure whether you should look at the hacked nude photos of celebrities that were exposed this weekend,let us help you:No. No you should not.

If there’s any question in your mind,you’re probably asking yourself questions like,“Do I be a good person or do I be a not good person?”and “Do I value privacy or do I not value privacy?”Tough one.

This solid flowchart will hopefully help you figure out where you stand on this complicated issue.

Nude Photo Hacking Flowchart

Image:Mashable Illustration Max Knoblauch

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Read more…

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Reddit Users Get Remorse Over Nude Pictures,Try Donating to Charity



UPDATE,5:32 p.m. ET: The Prostate Cancer Foundation has shut down the charity page referenced below and released the following statement:

A post appeared on Reddit late Monday afternoon,September 1,2014. A Reddit user directed other Reddit users to make a donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation without the Foundation’s knowledge. We would never condone raising funds for cancer research in this manner. Out of respect for everyone involved and in keeping with our own standards,we are returning all donations that resulted from this post.

Remorseful Redditors are attempting to absolve their guilty consciences over looking at leaked photos of celebrities —by donating to prostate cancer research,allegedly because “Jennifer Lawrence has donated to help cure prostate cancer.”Read more…

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Google for Work is the company’s repackaged enterprise suite


Starting today,Google’s enterprise solutions will fall under a new name. The company has announced that Google for Work is replacing Google Enterprise. The rebranding is to better align itself with small businesses rather than large companies alone. Google,as stated by chairman Eric Schmidt,wants small businesses to feel empowered by the tools available. Google for Work includes services such as Gmail,Drive,Maps,Search,Chrome,Android,and much more. On the hardware end of things,Google is making sure that Google for Work is an extremely useful tool on Android and Chromebook devices.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source:Official Google Blog

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Humanoid From SoftBank Coming to The US Within a Year


Smartphones may be slowing in innovation and new tricks,but the technology behind smartphones still has plenty of room for growth. SoftBank (a telecommunications company in Japan,also the company behind Sprint Corps here in the US) has been using the smart technology to produce Pepper. A robot with many abilities including reading emotion in your voice,Pepper will be available in the US by Summer 2015.

Currently,you can find Pepper the robot in SoftBank stores across Japan as a different type of sales rep. Standing at only 4 feet tall,Pepper can dance,make jokes and communicate as well as read the tone of your voice to decipher your emotions while interacting. The goals for Pepper have shifted,adding more and more possibilities for SoftBank to get Pepper into our lives.

Originally,Pepper was designed to help families and elderly people,but after gaining the interests of businesses everywhere,Pepper has grown into something more. Fumihide Tomizawa,SoftBank’s chief Executive officer in the robot division said,“We could enter the robot business for industrial use in the mid or long term,” however the dream remains the same.

Masayoshi Son,chief executive officer of SoftBank envisioned Pepper to help turn society away from the fear of robots,to a society where we coexist. One way to help that dream of coexistence become a reality,is to take Pepper from the business world,and bring it to the home.

While Pepper isn’t currently available anywhere for personal use,the plan is to launch it to consumers in Japan in February. The going cost for Peppers companionship is set at 198,000 yen or $1,900,though that price can change when Pepper comes to the US. SoftBank hopes that the release in Japan will give them a better idea on how to market Pepper to the common consumer as well as how to price. “We will sell Pepper in the United States within a year after gathering information in Japan,” Tomizawa said. “I won’t be surprised if Pepper sales will be half to business and half to consumers.”

SoftBank may have Pepper,but the world of robotics is taking off-just so far it’s been behind the scenes. Google has acquired Schaft Inc.,a robotics company who has also developed a humanoid robot that walks on two legs in Tokyo. Panasonic Corp. has their Hospi-R machine that helps in hospital with medication deliveries,and Honda Motor has Asimo,a soccer-playing robot. There are also startups working on robots as well,like Jibo,a personal assistant for the home.

What are your thoughts,are you ready for a world with robots,or would you rather we not have them available? If you’d like to purchase a robot for your home,what things would you like it to be able to do? Let us know in the comments section down below,or on our G+ page.

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